Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

amazon-prime-reviewBecause I write a lot about Amazon Prime, I have had several comments and emails from people asking me if Amazon Prime is worth it.

In this article, I am going to share with you a question from a reader and explain my thinking about Amazon Prime. Is it worth it or is it not?

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Richard CummingsIs Amazon Prime Worth It?
How Can I Add Text to a Photo?

How Can I Add Text to a Photo [2020 Edition]?

How Can I Add Text to a Photo?A visitor to A Rich Idea recently asked “How Can I Add Text to a Photo?” I do this all the time so I’ll show you how to add text to pictures and images quickly and for FREE!

Here was the email I received: “Richard, my question is about adding text to photos. I have some great pictures and I would like to jazz them up by adding some text to explain the picture and make it look more professional. What is the best way to add text to a photo and is there a way that this can be done for free? Many thanks, Gina from Golden Colorado.

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Richard CummingsHow Can I Add Text to a Photo [2020 Edition]?

Best Web Site Hosting [2020 Edition]

best-web-site-hosting-companiesIn this look at the best web site hosting companies, I’ll review the best place to host your web site in 2020.

Each of these best web hosts provide the outstanding stability, features, and customer service that you need in a hosting provider.

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Richard CummingsBest Web Site Hosting [2020 Edition]
What Is The Best HDMI Cable

What Is The Best HDMI Cable

What Is The Best HDMI Cable“What is the best HDMI cable?”

This question often surfaces when people realize that nowadays essentially everything in their entertainment world is connected via an HDMI cable. After learning about HDMI, people realize that it’s certainly the best way to connect your computer to your TV and you’ll also be using HDMI for many other devices like your DVR, cable-box, Blu-ray, etc.

And so, it’s natural to ask: “What is the best HDMI cable?” Will you have a better listening or viewing experience if you choose one HDMI cable over another?

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Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best HDMI Cable

Library Books on the Kindle?

Kindle Library BooksAre you curious as to whether you can get library books on your Kindle? If so, you’ve come to the right place — we are going to show you how to check out library books using your Kindle right now.

I happen to be a big fan of my local library and the Kindle I hold in my hand everyday. Is it possible the two can act in a complimentary role? Do I not need to buy books on Amazon? Can I just rent books for my Kindle from the local library?

It turns out Gina from Montana had a similar question. She emailed me:

Question: Richard, I heard that you can check out Kindle Books from your local library. Is this true? If so, does it work well and how do I do it? Thanks in advance, Gina — Missoula, Mt

Library Books on Your Kindle: One of the Best Things About Your Kindle

Gina, terrific question and we are happy to answer this for you.

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Richard CummingsLibrary Books on the Kindle?

What is Google

What is GoogleMany people want to know, “What is Google?”

Do you find it ironic that people probably search Google looking for the term What is Google? I do.

But that is just me.  I enjoy irony.

If we are looking for a stodgy definition of Google, we could always turn to WikiPedia who states that:

Google Inc. is a multinational public cloud computing and Internet search technologies corporation.

How boring!

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Richard CummingsWhat is Google
What Is An HDMI Input On A TV

What Is An HDMI Input On A TV

What Is An HDMI Input On A TVAfter reading my post about how to connect your TV to your PC, my friend saw the term HDMI and asked me: What Is An HDMI Input On A TV?

So, for him, and all else who wonder, I thought I would tell you a brief bit about what is an HDMI input on a TV. If you have recently purchased a new LCD TV, you have HDMI and may not even know it. This article will help you find out.

Let’s begin with this question:

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Richard CummingsWhat Is An HDMI Input On A TV

Connect TV To PC | Cables Needed To Hook Up PC To TV

connect-pc-to-tvWith the advent of LCD TVs, many people want to connect TV to PC as an LCD makes for an excellent computer monitor. Those who want to hook up PC to TV often ask: Which cables do i need to connect my PC to a TV?

In this article, I’ll explain in simple terms how to hook up your PC to your TV and which cables you need to connect PC to TV. To succeed in this PC to TV Connection, you need only your eyes and a little bit of common sense.

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Richard CummingsConnect TV To PC | Cables Needed To Hook Up PC To TV
open iso file with vlc

Open .ISO File With VLC Media Player

open iso file with vlcIn this article, we will take a look at why you might want to open an .ISO file directly on your computer and then we’ll look at how to open .ISO files with the VLC Media Player…and even watch them on your home theater system.

I just sat down at my computer to watch a movie that I have in .ISO format.  As you may or may not know, the .ISO format is known as an image file.  These .ISO files contain an exact image of what is found on a DVD.

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Richard CummingsOpen .ISO File With VLC Media Player

DVD Shrink Versus Handbrake: Which Should You Use

dvd-handbrake-vs-dvd-shrinkBecause we write a lot of articles about DVD’s, we also get lots of questions and one of those is:  Which should I use…DVD Shrink or Handbrake to copy DVDs?

Well, the short answer is both of them.

In the article how to copy a DVD, we explained that DVD Shrink is the best software if you are going to copy from one DVD to another DVD. However, it is not all that you need.

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Richard CummingsDVD Shrink Versus Handbrake: Which Should You Use