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1-click-dvd-reviewThere are many tools available to copy DVDs, but the easiest one of these to use is called 1 Click DVD.  In this 1 Click DVD Review, we will take a look at why 1 Click DVD is the easiest application that you can use to copy DVDs.

The world of computer audio and video has historically been a minefield of complicated terms and difficult programs.  If you have ever come across terms like “bitrate”, “framesize”, and “encoding” to name a few, you know of what I speak.  In fact, all of this geek-speak often led people simply to give up when trying to copy DVDs.

However, with the launch of 1 Click DVD, the minefield has been cleaned up.  There are no more treacherous terms out there to impede you from copying a DVD movie.

If you have the ability to click one “Start” button, you have the ability to copy DVD movies.

Yes, that is it.  To copy a DVD movie with 1 Click DVD, you need only be able to click one button and the process will be underway and you will have a completely copied DVD.

How is this possible?

Well, the good folks at LG Software Innovation-the makers of the product–set out with a goal of making technology available for the rest of us.  They understand the “minefield” and sought to act as a go between.  The end result is a product that conceals the difficult technology and allows us to accomplish what we want to accomplish:  Copying DVDs.

The reality is that most of us just want one thing:  a DVD copy that is just like the original DVD.  We don’t want to fuss with a bunch of techie terms.  Otherwise, we’re just back in the minefield.  This is where one-click DVD succeeds-creating great DVD copies of the original DVDs.

However, if you want to get a little technical, you can.

For instance, if you do want to all of the “special features” of a DVD, you can select to have those removed.  If you do not want all of the titles and previews, you can remove those too.  It’s up to you how detailed that you want to get.

I have not even mentioned yet the feature that I like the most:  Copying a DVD to your hard drive.  Do you know what my kids have done with some of our DVDs?  They have used them as Frisbees!  I kid you not.  I have also lost some DVDs that I have purchased and I don’t like to carry my DVD player with me when I am on the road.

All of these are reasons that I love this feature of One Click DVD-you can copy movies to your hard drive and watch them without the need for the DVD media.

In summary, this product truly changes the landscape of copying DVDs.  It makes it easy and convenient.  Thus, I fully recommend it.

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