A Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

In a Star is Born, we have the actor Bradley Cooper playing a singer and the singer Lady Gaga acting.  Did this role reversal work?  Were they able to pull off a great movie?  Read on to find out!

First, a disclaimer:  I’m not impartial — I am a huge fan of both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I’ve always respected Lady Gaga’s independent spirit and enjoyed her music.  And, Bradley Cooper  has an equally interesting backstory.    Did you know he speaks fluent French and wanted to be Ninja?

And then, I watched the preview for the movie, and BOOM – there’s Dave Chappelle acting.  A singer, an actor, a comedian?  All my favorites!  What’s not to love?  I’m so in.

But, viewer beware, high expectations are often the death knell for a movie.  Even if it’s good, you’re disappointed as you expected great.

I went to see A Star is Born the first day I could.

So what did I think?

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Richard CummingsA Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?
Holly Holm knocks out Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Knocked Out Cold By Holly Holm: Memories of Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman

ronda rousey loses fight

The Knockout!

I’ve watched every Ronda Rousey fight since the beginning and cannot help but think she is one of the hottest babes on the planet – the perfect exemplar of strength and beauty.

Her lead-up to this fight was uncharacteristic. She manufactured malevolence towards her opponent Holly Holm where none was really warranted. I sensed fear.

Then I watched some of Holly Holm’s fights and saw her leg kick in action and I knew why. Read More

Richard CummingsRonda Rousey Knocked Out Cold By Holly Holm: Memories of Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman
find a cheater on Ashley Madison

Is My Spouse on Ashley Madison – Here’s How To Find Out!

We just received an email from a concerned spouse wanting to know whether her husband was cheating on her using Ashley Madison. She added, “If I find that he’s there, he’s going to pay big time!”

Well, as many of you know by now, the cheating/affair website Ashley Madison was hacked recently and the hackers had threatened to release all user information.

Today, Wednesday, August 18th, they made good on their threat to release nearly all of the information, including names, emails, partial and full credit cards, and the secret desires of many.

So, for all those concerned spouses who find themselves asking that dreaded question — “Was my spouse a member of Ashley Madison?” here are three websites where you can enter the known email addresses of your spouse to find out if they were a member.

Websites to find out if your spouse is on Ashley Madison

  1. (best option right now)
  4. (currently down due to overloaded searches)

Richard CummingsIs My Spouse on Ashley Madison – Here’s How To Find Out!
cast of true detective season 2

A Quick Review of True Detective Season 2

Most people were compelled to watch True Detective Season 2 because they salivated for each episode of season 1. My desire for season 2 sprang more from the news of the cast than from my experience with season 1.

Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn? Are you kidding? I’m 100% in. Vince Vaughn is a Swinger. Taylor Kitcsh is a Savage. I fell in love with Claire Cleary and Phone Booth (easily Colin’s best) may be one of the most underrated movies of all time. So, yeah, I’m 100% in! You had me at hello.

But, like the beautiful girl you begin dating, life is not a picture (nor a movie for that matter). No, True Detective, like a relationship, is a commitment; eventually, it must have meaning.
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Richard CummingsA Quick Review of True Detective Season 2
Chris Soules Chooses Whiteny

The Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules Gives Final Rose to Whitney…

In the final episode of The Bachelor, Chris Soules got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney Bischoff, the fertility clinician from Chicago.

Video: Watch The Moment Chris Proposes to Whitney

The other contestant of course was Becca. Not having very much experience in love, she didn’t realize what Chris needed–the assurance of love and someone willing to be his wife.

On the Iowa farm.

With the Ashley’s, Britt, Carly, Kelsey, and everyone else, this Bachelor season with Chris has given us some good TV moments. However, since I had little emotional investment in the final two contestants, this finale lacked some of the punch of previous shows, espcially last weeks’ Women Tell All Episode.

Whitney and Chris have not yet set a date for the wedding and it will be interesting to see if their engagement holds up. Chris is now accustomed to a life outside the farm and that Whitney giggle may get irritating when it echoes endlessly through the prairie. We’ll wait and see if the engagement holds up or if they’ll suffer the same split-up fate as Andi and Josh.

The most exciting news of the evening came when they announced the next Bachelorette. Not only did they choose Britt, they are making it a two-fer with Kaitlyn as well. That’s right–two Bachelorettes. They haven’t given a complete breakdown on how it will work yet but they let on that it will turn into a bit of a competition and one of the girls will eventually be booted from the show.

It starts in May and I know you’ll be there watching!

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules Gives Final Rose to Whitney…
the bachlor kaitlyn becca whitney

The Bachelor Recap Feb 23rd: Kaitlyn vs Becca vs Whitney!

In Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, virgins win, tattoos lose, and fertility specialists survive.

Welcome to the the near-end of The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

If we are going to be honest with each other, the last of the episodes of some seasons of The Bachelor lose a bit of appeal if you are not “all-in” with the remaining Bachelorettes.

I was all-in with Britt and she’s gone. Quite frankly, the remaining contestants lacked the beauty or controversy to interest me. But, of course, I watched and you did too.

So, for the quick recap, they all had dates in Bali.

Kaitlyn was first. She was shaking for much of the date and trying to open up. Chris did not seem that into it but, I have to say, Kaitlyn’s vulnerability heightened her appeal. In my first episode review where I critiqued all the girls, I wrote that “Kaitlyn is a great example of the girl who takes it too far.” Up until this episode, she hid her vulnerable side and this date she let go. As I watched, I found their date rather…boring. And I thought, “I wonder if Kaitlyn’s tatoos will get her kicked off the show…” I’m not sure that did it (and Chris would never admit to it) but we know one thing: she has lots of tats and now she’s gonzo!

Whitney, the fertility specialist, was second up. Of course, Becca was going to be last because the entire attraction of this episode was how Becca would reveal to Chris that she’s a virgin. Whitney has a very narrow face and a somewhat irritating voice but she’s kind of sexy. Plus, she brings endless enthusiasm which has kept her around. However, that enthusiasm may be her downfall in two weeks. I initially wrote that Whitney’s problem is that “She’s wearing a perfume called “Desperation”. She mentions in her profile that her greatest fear is “being alone”. Unfortunately, that fear creates behavior that will leave her, well…left alone.” Will that be her fate in two weeks? Being left alone?

Becca was the final date behind much ado (and promotion!) about being a virgin. She accepts the fantasy suite date with Chris and tells him when they arrive that she is, in fact, a virgin. I mentioned in my last Bachelor update that this virgin thing is being portrayed as somewhat negative: “Will he leave me after I tell him that I am a virgin?“, the girls ask. Most men (I would think as I am one of them) would applaud the fact that a girl has held out. The only problem with waiting is that you might end up with a girl who is not a sexual being. However, Becca must have given some provocative signals because Chris opted for her in the end.

Unless you are a huge romantic and have some skin in the game with one of the girls, this episode of The Bachelor is one that you do not need to rush to see. But you’ve already watched it so too late for you!

The good stuff comes next week when The Bachelorettes tell all. This is always the best episode of any season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

I’ll be critiquing so stay tuned 🙂

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Recap Feb 23rd: Kaitlyn vs Becca vs Whitney!

The Season Finale of Two and a Half Men & Chuck Lorre’s Obession

Two and a Half Men has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired on September 22, 2003. The finale, which just took place Thursday, brought together all that was great about the show and provided a stellar ending to the series…except for the very last scene which involved Chuck Lorre’s continuing obsession with Charlie Sheen.

Do you know anybody who seemingly has it all yet embraces spite, pettiness, and jealousy at every turn? Well, meet Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men.

Chuck Lorre is reportedly worth $700 million dollars.


Yet he is a discontent.

He is like a Larry Ellison who just never quite bested Bill Gates. Or a popular actor who longed for, but never won, an Oscar.

These people are trying to keep up with the Joneses when, unbeknownst to them, they are the Joneses.

piano falls on charlie

Ending of Two and a Half Men

The season finale of Two and a Half Men ended with a piano dropping on Charlie’s character (who was not really Charlie Sheen) and then the camera turning to Lorre in the director’s chair who says “winning”. Then, in some odd attempt at humility humor, another piano drops on Lorre.

The battle between Lorre and Sheen had been ongoing but escalated after Charlie’s departure from the show.

You can read the many reasons about the Lorre/Sheen feud but, to get to the gist of it, you only need to read between the lines: Lorre is jealous that Sheen gets all of the credit for Two and a Half Men.

Yet, to create the best ending to Two and a Half Men, who did Lorre revolve the whole show around? Charlie Sheen. He abandoned all of the on-going plot-lines and made the entire finale about Charlie’s character and Charlie himself, with some especially underhanded digs at the cancellation of Charlie’s show Anger Management. But, since Charlie qualifies for a “syndicate payout of around $200 million“, I’m not sure he feels too slighted.

It’s Chuck who always feels slighted. Yes, he had made other shows before Two and Half Men but Charlie had brought him his biggest success to date. And, would everything after (such as The Big Bang Theory) have happened were it not for the for the fortuitous appearance of Charlie on Two and Half Men?

These questions seem crazy to entertain given the level of success and wealth that Chuck Lorre has. Yet, apparently, Chuck Lorre continually asks them of himself? And, because of this obsession, he ruined an otherwise great ending to Two and Half Men by trying to make it about him.

It was not, and will never be, about him. I’m sorry Chuck: you’re the creator, not the star. You will never shine that bright. Nobody even knows who you are except for those who follow TV very closely.

True, Lorre will probably outlive Charlie Sheen and die with more money in the bank but the question is this: Will they be able to fit the chip on his shoulder in the coffin or will he have finally let it go?

Richard CummingsThe Season Finale of Two and a Half Men & Chuck Lorre’s Obession