Chat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

chatroulette-review-1I am just reading in the entertainment section of the newspaper about this website called

It´s a website where everybody is LIVE on webcams.  No doctored photos or photos of people from 10 years before.  It is all apparently live, pimples and all.

So, I´m gonna pop on the computer and see what all the fuss is about — this is my official ChatRoulette review.

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Richard CummingsChat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

The Movie 21, Variable Change, and Monty Hall

variable-change-movie-21The movie 21 introduced many to the concept of variable change. But what is variable change? Stay tuned for a lively discussion!

During the movie 21 (read my 21 movie review here), we are introduced to a seemingly simple example of probability often referred to by three different names: Variable change, the Monty Hall Problem, and/or conditional probability.  The scenario is this:

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Richard CummingsThe Movie 21, Variable Change, and Monty Hall

What Do You Think of This Man?

reflections-on-a-manI am going to describe a man to you and I just want to know what your thoughts of him are.

This man is 38 years old, has a terrific job, and many friends.  On top of all that, he has an attractive loving wife who has faithfully been by his side for the last 11 years.  Together, they have recently decided to have their first baby together.

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Richard CummingsWhat Do You Think of This Man?
the movies of kevin bacon

Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon

Top-Movies-Of-Kevin-BaconMany out there want to know the Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon


Well, many of you probably like Kevin Bacon and simply have an interest in his films while the others want to get good at the game “6 Degrees From Kevin Bacon“. 

If you have lived on another planet, this game is a variation on the notion of 6 Degrees of Separation whereby you can connect yourself to anybody in the world within 6 people. 

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Richard CummingsTop Movies Of Kevin Bacon

Lions Attack Calf Buffalo Video [Full Version – Amazing]

kruger-lions-buffalo-crocodileIn this must see video, a group of lions attack a buffalo calf, an alligator then bites the calf, and then the buffalo save the calf and scare the lions.

My parents told me about this video on YouTube and I finally found it.  This is truly the best live, wildlife video that I have seen.

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Richard CummingsLions Attack Calf Buffalo Video [Full Version – Amazing]

Top Actresses Of The 1980’s

top-actresses-of-the-80sAh, I love this topic.  The 80’s are my growing up time.  Take a walk down memory lane with me as we review the Top Actresses Of The 1980’s.

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Richard CummingsTop Actresses Of The 1980’s

Why Read?

why-read “Why should I read?”, my older nephew asked me as he was waiting for me to finish my book, eager to get to the pool.

“Reading,” I told him “will teach more about the world you live in.”

“Like what?” he asked.

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Richard CummingsWhy Read?

A Star is Born Review: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

star-is-born-reviewIn a Star is Born, we have the actor Bradley Cooper playing a singer and the singer Lady Gaga acting.  Did this role reversal work?  Were they able to pull off a great movie?  Read on to find out!

First, a disclaimer:  I’m not impartial — I am a huge fan of both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I’ve always respected Lady Gaga’s independent spirit and enjoyed her music.  And, Bradley Cooper  has an equally interesting backstory.    Did you know he speaks fluent French and wanted to be Ninja?

And then, I watched the preview for the movie, and BOOM – there’s Dave Chappelle acting.  A singer, an actor, a comedian?  All my favorites!  What’s not to love?  I’m so in.

But, viewer beware, high expectations are often the death knell for a movie.  Even if it’s good, you’re disappointed as you expected great.

I went to see A Star is Born the first day I could.

So what did I think?

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Richard CummingsA Star is Born Review: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

He’s Just Not That Into You (Review): Does the Movie Speak the Truth? | A Couple By Couple Reality Check

hes-just-not-that-into-you-reviewA marginal movie can become a really good movie if you enjoy the topic.

This was the case when I watched He’s Just Not That Into You.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because the topic is compelling:  Do women realize when a guy is just not into them?  The movie is more than that as well…it’s about relationships between men and women.

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Richard CummingsHe’s Just Not That Into You (Review): Does the Movie Speak the Truth? | A Couple By Couple Reality Check