What Is The Best HDMI Cable

What Is The Best HDMI Cable

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What Is The Best HDMI Cable“What is the best HDMI cable?”

This question often surfaces when people realize that nowadays essentially everything in their entertainment world is connected via an HDMI cable. After learning about HDMI, people realize that it’s certainly the best way to connect your computer to your TV and you’ll also be using HDMI for many other devices like your DVR, cable-box, Blu-ray, etc.

And so, it’s natural to ask: “What is the best HDMI cable?” Will you have a better listening or viewing experience if you choose one HDMI cable over another?

The reason that people ask this is because HDMI Cables come in a variety of prices and so people naturally wonder Do I have to buy an expensive HDMI cable? Is the best HDMI cable the most expensive HDMI cable?

If you wonder this, do not fear: you are not alone. Many out there have asked who makes the best HDMI cable? There is a cable company called Monster where you can buy very expensive HDMI cables. However, we have good news for you.

You do not need to buy expensive HDMI cables in order to have the best HDMI cable! In an article entitled Are Expensive HDMI Cables Worth the Price?, the author notes that:

When it comes to HDMI Cables , the short answer is No. I have spent hours connecting equipment with high, middle and low end HDMI cables and I can’t tell a difference. Remember HDMI is digital, meaning you will get the signal or you won’t. The extra money will get you a fancier looking cable in a fancier package, but when it comes to performance of the cable itself, I’ve not been able to tell a difference, and I doubt you will either.

In his article called Expensive HDMI cables are a rip-off, author Adam Turner quips:

Decent AV gear is expensive enough without throwing your money away on snake oil video cables.

So, what is the best HDMI cable to buy? Simply check out the list of bestselling HDMI cables on Amazon. All of them can be had for $10 or under.

Best HDMI Cable: Summary

When you ask what is the best hdmi cable?, do not be fooled by slick salesmen at the store trying to sell you expensive HDMI cables. They are not worth it. A digital signal will not degrade.

Article after article tells us that the experience is the same with a $10 cable as with a $100 cable.

Make the best choice and get the best HDMI cable at a great price!

Best HDMI Cable: Footnote

If you prefer to see video proof, here is a video from expert 3DGAMEMAN explaining the difference between expensive HDMI cables and less-expensive ones:

Video: Cheap vs Expensive HDMI Cables

Want to know if there’s any difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables? This video has the answer.

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Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best HDMI Cable

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    doing research … needed to hook up my Western Digital Player to my 37″ TV with HDMI …
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