Who Invented The Ipod

who-invented-the-ipodIn this article, we will take a look at who invented the iPod and the origins of this device that has became a must-have for just about everyone in the 2000’s.

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Richard CummingsWho Invented The Ipod

Copying DVDs: Where To Begin

copying-dvdsI started this post, Copying DVDs: Where to Begin, after having written several posts about copying DVDs to your hard drive and copying DVDs to DVDs and other formats.

The fact is that some of you want to know the details–like what is an .ISO file–but most of you simply want answers.  How do I copy DVDs from one format to another?

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Richard CummingsCopying DVDs: Where To Begin

1 Click DVD Review

1-click-dvd-reviewThere are many tools available to copy DVDs, but the easiest one of these to use is called 1 Click DVD.  In this 1 Click DVD Review, we will take a look at why 1 Click DVD is the easiest application that you can use to copy DVDs.

The world of computer audio and video has historically been a minefield of complicated terms and difficult programs.  If you have ever come across terms like “bitrate”, “framesize”, and “encoding” to name a few, you know of what I speak.  In fact, all of this geek-speak often led people simply to give up when trying to copy DVDs.

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Richard Cummings1 Click DVD Review

The Process of Copying a DVD: Is It Difficult?

is-copying-dvds-difficultWhen I first wanted to copy a DVD, I did lots of research on the Internet.  The articles I came across made the process seem so difficult.  But, after distilling it down to just three simply components, it’s actually pretty easy.

When you want to copy a DVD movie to another DVD, there are three things that need to take place:

  1. First, if the DVD has encryption you will need software to decrypt the DVD.
  2. Second, because you just have one DVD in your computer, you will need to copy the files from the DVD player to the hard drive.
  3. And, third, you will need to burn the data from your hard drive to the DVD.

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Richard CummingsThe Process of Copying a DVD: Is It Difficult?
Google Top Search Engine

Top Ten Search Engines [2020 Edition]

Top Search Engines on the InternetIn this article we will take a look at the Top Ten Search Engines in 2020. You can probably guess who is number one, but do you know what others are on the list of the top 10 search engines today?

Back in 1998, I remember someone mentioning the website Google to me and being astounded at how simple the home page of the search engine was. At this time, I was using the search engine Excite (and sometimes Yahoo) and had customized my page to deliver all the personal information that was important to me.

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Richard CummingsTop Ten Search Engines [2020 Edition]
Mark Zuckerberg First Post IPO Interview

Mark Zuckerberg Interview: First Public Interview Since IPO (See Full Video)

Mark Zuckerberg First Post IPO Interview

Mark Zuckerberg First Post IPO Interview

Mark Zuckerberg gave his first interview since the disappointing Facebook IPO.

In the interview (seen below), which took place at TechCrunch Disrupt, a San Francisco conference for startups, Mark Zuckerberg talks of some of Facebook’s missteps and plans for the future.

We will share some excerpts from the interview, as well as look back at some other interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, find out why people are addicted to Facebook, and view the uncomfortable, sweaty spot he did on 60 minutes many years ago.

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Richard CummingsMark Zuckerberg Interview: First Public Interview Since IPO (See Full Video)

Google Search Results Redirected To Other Sites

I just had a problem with my laptop in which my Google search results were being redirected to other sites. I will tell you how I fixed the problem with the Google search results being redirected.

How annoying is this problem? It just caused me to lose about 3 hours getting rid of it. Hopefully, my solution can help many of you out there that are having this problem.

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Richard CummingsGoogle Search Results Redirected To Other Sites

What Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player

Ok, the question on the table today is: “What Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player?” This is a common question because people are seeing WiFi advertised on a Blu Ray players and naturally wonder: Why would my Blu Ray player need WiFi?

Well, let’s see. We know that we need WiFi in our house if we want to connect to the Internet wirelessly with, for instance, our laptops.

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Richard CummingsWhat Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player