What Version of WordPress Do I Have?

what version of WordPress Am I On

Many of you need to new what version of WordPress you have and I am going to tell you how to find out.

For the uninitiated, WordPress is the amazing platform that allows anyone to quickly create a great looking website. But, there is one big problem: They upgrade WordPress all the time and they tell you that bad things will happen if you do not update. And, in fact, bad things have happened to several sites, with users and passwords being hacked.

Thus, these many upgrades are patches and fixes to WordPress and often times we need them. So, when they put out a new version of WordPress, they will always say, “You need to implement this upgrade if you are on version X.XX.” And, so then you must find out if you are on version X.XX and susceptible to all of this trouble.

The problem? They make it impossible to find out what version of WordPress that you are on!

Ok, well, not impossible but not as easy as it should be. The different iterations of WordPress show you the version number in different places. However, I have several blogs and need to be able to quickly determine what version of WordPress that I am on. So, here is the easiest way.

How To Quickly Determine Your Version of WordPress

In whatever browser you are using, visit the homepage of your WordPress site and go to “View Source”. (Firefox users, see Where is View Source in the the New Firefox?) Somewhere near the top of the file, you see a line that looks like this: content=”WordPress 3.3.1“. This tells you the version of WordPress that you are using and is universal to most implementations of WordPress. And, if you still can’t find the version of WordPress that you on…

Wouldn’t you know it? This works on almost all WordPress blogs except this one. I went to view source here at Well, Since You Asked and it does not have that line. I have many blogs and it worked nearly everywhere but here. The Thesis theme, which I love, must somehow remove that line or perhaps it is the version of WordPress that I am using.

Well, if this is the case for you, click on the “Dashboard” choice in your Admin Panel. There, it will tell you what version of WordPress that you are running.

Ooooppps, I am running an old version here. It says…”You are using WordPress 2.7.” Looks like someone is due for an upgrade :)

Richard CummingsWhat Version of WordPress Do I Have?

Turn Off Verizon Cellular Wireless Balance Notifications!

In this post, I will tell how to turn off those annoying Verizon Wireless notifications that pop up after nearly every call.

Oh my gosh…are these things annoying!!! I have been a Verizon Wireless pay-as-you go customer for a long time. I do this because I live overseas half of the year and so I don’t want a monthly plan that I will have to pay for for the 6 months that I am away.

Anyway, after every phone call and text, I was receiving like 2 messages with my updated pay-as-you-go balance. This has been incredibly annoying for the last 2 years…and my lazy self has done nothing to turn off these Verizon Wireless messages.

So, finally, today, I acted and it actually took longer than expected. But, I will tell you how to turn off these notifications from Verizon right now and you should be able to accomplish it much quicker than I did.

Without further ado, here you go:

How To Turn Off Balance Notifications From Your Verizon Cell Phone

Step 1: Dial *611 from the cell phone that you want to turn off these pesky, annoying Verizon messages.
Step 2: Press 4, then 2, then 3, then 1.
Step 3: Select the option to set your Verizon Cellular balance notifications to “low”.

And, that’s it.

Now, since I just implemented this feature, I don’t think this turns off your Verizon messages totally since the option that you selected was “low”.

However, it’s much better than getting texted after every single phone activity!

I hope that this quick post helped you to turn off the balance notifications from Verizon Wireless!

If there are any updates, go ahead and add them in the section below.

Also, if you are considering Verizon Wireless Internet, you may want to read my Verizon 4G LTE Wireless review here!

Richard CummingsTurn Off Verizon Cellular Wireless Balance Notifications!

Are IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free?

Today, we are answering the question: “Are IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free?” We will tell you whether the IKEA alternate comforter is allergy free!

We love our job because it is something new everyday and today we are given the opportunity to visit the IKEA store, which is the ultimate. One time, I furnished my whole apartment with quality IKEA stuff at bargain basement prices. So I look forward to this this assignment. Off we go…

Ok, now you got me on the IKEA site and I can’t focus :). Here is a list we get back when we search for IKEA Down Alternate Comforter: View the list. (All links on this page will open in a new window so you can stay on this page.)

Now, this list is filled with names like the “IKEA 365+ MYSA”. None of the names have “alternate comforter” in the name but, when you click each one, the name contains alternate comforter.

So, I chose the first alternate comforter on the list. The others are all about the same.

Now, when we search for the word allergy on this page, we do not receive any responses. The term allergy does not appear. So, let’s look at this question again: “Are IKEA’s down alternate comforter allergy free?”

This question implies that you want to buy this alternate comforter at IKEA. However, you need to know whether it is allergy free. Does this not in good part depend on what allergies you have? What fabrics that you are allergic to?

Ok, so let us look at what the IKEA alternate comforter is made of to determine if it contains materials that to which you are allergic. Here is a list of what the alternate comforter is made of: Lyocell/cotton cover and Modal/polyester.

That’s it.

If you are allergic to cotton or polyester, then the IKEA down alternate comforter is not for you.

Yet, there is more. The question is not only whether the IKEA down comforter is allery free. The question that you may be asking is: Is the IKEA Alternate Comforter hypoallergenic?

What’s the difference? Well since you asked, as we read here, comforters tend to collect allergens and over time and cannot be cleaned in a manner that removes them. New hypoallergenic comforters are resistant to this collection of allergens.

But is the IKEA comforter hypoallergenic?

Well, according to this post, IKEA bedding is hypoallergenic. And, all indications are that when a comforter is called an alternate comforter this implies that it is a hypoallergenic comforter.

However, if you need to have 100% certainty, check out this of Hypoallergenic Comforters. They are all guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

Are IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free: Appendices

Here are some links that may interest you on this topic:

Can’t Get Enough Ikea – Ikea Bedding Sets: All about IKEA bedding.

Best place for a new comforter?: A discussion of comforters which includes IKEA.

The Best Comforters: We tried dozens of comforters to find the perfect picks.

What is Hypoallergenic?: Anyone who has suffered from constant watery eyes, itchy skin, mucus filled sinuses, and sneezing knows an allergy can be disrupting and problematic….

We hope that you have benefitted from this discussion of IKEA’s alternate comforters. If you have any question or comments, we welcome them in the section below.

Richard CummingsAre IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free?

What Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player

Ok, the question on the table today is: “What Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player?” This is a common question because people are seeing WiFi advertised on a Blu Ray players and naturally wonder: Why would my Blu Ray player need WiFi?

Well, let’s see. We know that we need WiFi in our house if we want to connect to the Internet wirelessly with, for instance, our laptops.

However, today many new devices like our TVs are becoming WiFi ready. In fact, as I review this list of the best LCD televisions, I see that some of today’s top LCDs are becoming WiFi ready. The reason that they do this is so that your TV can provide access to websites with online video content. For example, if you wish to view any of the Top Ten Movie Rentals out today, you can view them all online via your TV through Amazon on Demand or Netflix. That is the idea.

Well then, where does Blu Ray fit into all of this? Why do you need WiFi with Blu Ray?

I brought up the idea with a WiFi connected TV to illustrate why you might need WiFi on a TV and the reason that you may need WiFi on Blu Ray is basically the same principle.

Let’s take a look at an example. The bestselling Blu Ray player with WiFi is now the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Integrated-Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player.

This player can connect to the WiFi in your house and allow you to do so many things that you would otherwise do on your computer, like Skype, Netflix, Amazon On-Demand, streaming music, and much more.

As one user who wrote a review entitled, “Great Player for the new model year 2011″ said:

“The internet options are extensive, new options to me like Amazon streaming and Skype, mixed with the mainstay apps like Netflix, Pandora, and many more. make this player very attractive to the streaming and online entertainment user.”

Essentially, an Internet connected Blu Ray player allows you to do many of the things that you would do on your computer. However, you now get to do them on your TV, which hopefully is one of the Top Rated LCD TVs on the market, and this is kind of cool!

What Does WiFi Ready Blu Ray Player Mean: Conclusion

Now a days, many more things are connected to the Internet than just your laptop or other home computers. LCD TVS and Blu Ray players are just two more items that you can connect to your WiFi system.

Typically, there is no need to have both your LCD TV and Blu Ray player connected to the Internet. If you already have an Internet connected TV, you will not need a WiFi connected Blu-Ray player. However, you do not save a whole lot of money by not getting this feature in a Blu Ray player so, if it’s an option, go for it!

If neither your Blu Ray player or your LCD TV have WiFi, this really does not matter either. You can always learn how to connect your computer to your TV and you’ll be all set with this setup too. There are just so many options.

My bet is that in the future you will not be able to buy a Blu Ray player, or LCD TV for that matter, without the ability to do WiFi.

Ten years from now, will we ever even get off the couch?

If you have any questions or comments on this “What Does WiFi Ready Blu Ray Player Mean?” topic, comment below and I, or one of our many users, will hopefully get back to you.

Richard CummingsWhat Does WiFi Ready Mean Blu Ray Player

What Is The Best Match For Leo

In this article, we discuss what is the best match for Leo.  Leo’s have some strong characteristics and attracting a Leo is no small feet.  Find out what is the best match for a Leo right now.

Ah, if you landed on this page wondering “what is the best match for a Leo?”, you are in luck my friends because I am a LEO.

I say that with pride and apparently that is one of the characteristics of a Leo.

To know what is the best match for Leo, we have to get down to the actual characteristics of a Leo.  This is tough; it’s like a self evaluation, but I bring you things honestly my friends.

To know me, you need to know my situation.  I am single and am always dating beautiful women usually younger than me.  I have owned a lot of businesses and enjoy the work that I do.  Laughter is extremely important to me as are ideas about life.  I like to be moving, traveling, and experiencing all facets of life.  I like to feel comfortable, but I also like to be in motion.  When relationships get to close, I often feel stifled.  People sometimes might say I have commitment issues, which may be true.  When girls starts talking too much about marriage, I often want to run for the hills.

This is all just coming from the top of my head, folks.  So, I will look at the so-called traits of a Leo and see if I match.  There is a good chance of this because everyone tells me that I am a “typical Leo”.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of the so-called traits about a Leo.  As I look at them, I think, “How can someone just stereotype me this way?” which is probably a very Leo response ;)

So, in continuing on with what is the best match for a Leo and attracting a Leo, I will take a look at this page and compare the reality with what is written.

Traitis of a Leo

We will first take a look at the strengths of a Leo and then the weaknesses.

The Strengths of a Leo

The following are listed as strengths of a Leo with my personal reaction (of me) after:

-Confident:  VERY TRUE.
Ambitious:  VERY TRUE, but not financially necessarily
Generous:  Generous in spirit and very caring but I often forget to give birthday gifts and the ages of my nieces and nephews.
Loyal:  Always loyal to the closest people in my life but this does not mean that I am always in agreement.  I usually tell people when I am in disagreement even it will test our loyalties.
Encouraging:  VERY TRUE.  I absolutely love to see others do well (unless they gloat about it) and see someone smile or achieve something that makes them feel good makes me feel great.

The (Purported) Weaknesses of a Leo

Here are the listed weaknesses–we have those?–of a Leo and my reaction:

-Pretentious: I don’t agree with this.  I actually despise pretension.  I think I can honestly say that nobody would call me pretentious.  Maybe I am more an “out of main stream” Leo in this regard.
Domineering:  If that means we know what we want to do and try to guide other that way, absolutely.
Melodramatic:  Probably so.  I am more the silent-aggressive type when my mood is not right so my melodrama comes with silence, but it probably exists.
Stubborn:  True.  I pursue what I like often without regard to outside influences.
Vain:  Why Not?

Attracting a Leo:  What I Say

You are getting a first hand account here without a filter folks.  The true Leo account.

So, how do you go about attracting a Leo?

I would break this down into two very important categories:  Attracting A Leo for the Short Term, and Attracting a Leo for the Long Term.

Again, this is a first hand Leo account of me.  It may or may not apply to all Leos.

You will read that Leos like to be flattered and this is true.  I am very susceptible to flattery.  Attracting a Leo for the first time is not that difficult especially because we see beauty and novelty in everything.  I love all parts of a women.  From her ankles to her legs, and on up, there is so much beauty in a woman.  I will let her know it too.  As she flatters me, I do likewise maybe even more.  It’s genuine, but the problem is that it wears off because new novelties abound around every corner.  There are other ankles and legs to explore.  Thus, attracting a Leo is easy, keeping him is not.

Why is hard to keep a Leo for the long haul?

Well, you have to keep up the novelty.  In the end, I want a beautiful, intelligent women–who doesn’t?-who keeps fresh ideas coming in all of the time.  I get bored with women who do not offer a new, intelligent perspective on things.  There are always beautiful women, but there is infrequently beautiful, savvy, witty, intelligent women who you want to be with for a lifetime.

Thus, it’s hard to keep a Leo man.  He loves his options and marriage removes options.

I am not saying that it is impossible to keep a Leo man but it is not easy.

For instance, if a women does not fit one of the categories that I like, she will probably not last.  And one of those categories is self-pity.  I will not suffer self-pity in a woman easily and, if it comes in any kind of abundance, the relationship is doomed.  If she lets herself go physically, I will not like it.  If she cannot entertain herself and requires too much of my time, it won’t work.  You get the idea?  Maybe she has to be a lot like me.

What Is The Best Match For Leo

With all that said, then, what is the best match for a Leo?  Is it another Leo?

Since I have dated a lot, without looking at any references, off the top of my head, I would say that Leos–me that is–are most compatible with Libras.

I have dated many Libra women and they seem to have that right combination of beauty and adoration that is combined with a femininity and independence that I require.

Let’s see what the experts have to say about what zodiac signs are compatible with Leo.

This page is very good in describing a Leo…it kind of matches what I was saying.  It mentions that a Leo-Leo relationship does not work very well because the strength of two Leos would not work too well.  Each one would want their own way and things might not end well. It also adds that Libras and Leo don’t go well in the long haul. So who does? What is the best match for Leo?

Ok, I have just come back from doing research on several pages of  what zodiac signs are compatible with Leo and, frankly, I found it a bunch of hog wash.  Talk of the general characteristics was not specific enough for me.

But in summary, as to the question of  “what is the best match for Leo?”, the general consensus appears to be the following sign:   Aries.

And if you want a great, fiery life, the Taurus goes well with the Leo.

What Is The Best Match For Leo:  Summary

Well, since you asked, I have tried to give an accurate depiction of what is the best match for Leo by providing my first hand account.

As I said, attracting a Leo in the short term is easy.  Leo’s love the novelty of it.

Attracting a Leo for life will be much more challenging.  Leo’s always want excitement, novelty, intelligence, beauty, and devotion.  However, they do like loyalty and are not adverse to marriage with the right person.

Staying together though is a challenge not unique just to Leo.  Everybody faces it.

Like the great writer Tom Robbins once said:

“The challenge of life is not to love, but to make love stay.”

Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best Match For Leo

What Is A Roth IRA

If you are wondering what is a Roth IRA, I am here to provide you the answer in a colloquial manner that, hopefully, you will understand. Let’s take a look at what is a Roth IRA.

What Does IRA stand for?

You may have heard the term IRA. In fact, you probably searched for it and ended up here. Well, let’s first dispel the acronym that everybody gets wrong: IRA.

Most people, mistakenly, think the term IRA is derived from the words Investment Retirement Account. Well, strike one my friends. Others tend to correct these people and say that the term was originated for Investment Retirement Arrangement. Strike two to you purported word-smiths.

The term actually originates from the actuary who devised the original play. His name was Ira, which is kind of geek name, no? (Actuaries are kind of geeks. I know…my dad is an actuary ;) . Just kidding dad!)

In the end, it does not matter at all what IRA stands for. What is important is that it is a vehicle to house your retirement money and, if possible, you want to take advantage of it!

Why Were IRAs Invented

The idea of the IRA was conceived in 1974 as a way for you to save money for retirement. The original idea is that you are able to contribute money to a fund–the IRA–tax free and the money can grow tax free until you take it out when you retire at which time, ideally, it will be a hell of a lot of money as it is compounding tax free.

So, let’s say that you make $45,000 per year. If you put the maximum allowable amount into an IRA which is currently $5,000 in 2009, you decrease your taxable income by $5,000. Thus, you pay less tax and the $5,000 that you placed in the IRA is allowed to grow tax free. Pretty cool, huh.

Check this out: If you put in $5,000 for 30 years, at the end of the 30 years, your money will grow to be $150,000, right? Wrong. Assuming an annual return of 8% on that money (you always want to ensure that you get the Roth IRA best rates), you will have $611,729 in the bank at retirement when you are 60 years old. Isn’t that great? You contribute $150,000 and end up with more than $600,000. That is the beauty of compounding interest and why IRAs were invented.

So, do you ever pay taxes? Yes. When you take this money out at retirement, you will then pay taxes on the money as you take it out.

What is a Roth IRA

The type of IRA that we just discussed was the original IRA and it was just called an IRA because it was the only one. Now, however, we call it the traditional IRA because a new type of IRA has been established–the Roth IRA.

The Roth IRA was invented by a man with the last name of Roth. He was a senator of some notoriety, but in spite of being a public figure, he may have even been a good man ;) At the very least, he invented this Roth IRA, which for most of us will be better than the traditional IRA.

Senator Roth, presumably in his later years when he devised this plan and paying a lot of taxes on his IRA withdrawals, asked the following question:

“What if we created an IRA in which we pay taxes on the money that we put in instead of on the money that we take out?”

With that simple question, the Roth IRA was born!

The main difference between the Roth IRA and the traditional IRA is when you pay the taxes. In a Roth IRA, you pay taxes on the money going in–the contribution–and not the money coming out. The traditional IRA is just the opposite–you don’t pay taxes on the contribution but you do pay taxes on the money you receive when you retire.

Not a bad idea, is it? Let’s take a look as we carry on with our analogy above. So, you have put in $5,000 dollars a year for 30 years which has accrued over that time to $611,729. In a Roth IRA, you pay taxes on the $150,000 and not the $611,729. I like that!

It seems like a foregone conclusion that people would then want learn how to open a Roth IRA quickly and get started. No?

There is one thing that we have to remember. With the traditional IRA, we saved money each year by not paying taxes on the money we put into the IRA. If we assume an 8% growth on this savings, we get a figure of more than $100,000 dollars.

So then, which is better?

For most people, the Roth IRA will provide a better return in the long run, though it will not be a monstrous difference. But, the Roth IRA does have some other advantages as well.

Some other Roth IRA Advantages

1. In many situations, since you have already paid taxes on the principle, you are not penalized for early withdrawals.
2. You do not have to take the money out of your Roth at a certain age as you do with a traditional.
3. Roth IRAs are more easily passed through as inheritance.

For insanely detailed details, check this Wiki page.

More Roth IRA Questions

How Much Can I Put in My Roth IRA:  Find out more details on how much you are able to put in your Roth IRA and alternatives that may be available to you.

What Is a Roth IRA: Summary

I have endeavored to make clear the primary differences between a traditional IRA and Roth IRA. I may have succeeded. Did I? Can you now answer the question, “What is a Roth IRA?”. If so, I did my job. If not, comment below and let me have it.

Basically, it’s a matter of when you pay the taxes. With Roth, it’s when it goes in. With traditional, it’s when it comes out.

A Roth IRA usually makes more sense but the difference will not be as huge as it may originally appear!

Richard CummingsWhat Is A Roth IRA