How Many Employees Does Facebook Have?

how-many-employees-does-facebook-haveHow many employees does Facebook have?

This is an easy question to answer because Facebook keeps this information up to date for us.
The number of employees at Facebook is currently just over 44,000 people.

Presumably, since they are essentially a data company, they keep all of their information up to date.

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Richard CummingsHow Many Employees Does Facebook Have?

Where Are My Skype Photos Stored? [2020 Updates]


Question: Where are my Skype Pictures stored on my computer? I took a bunch of Skype photos of myself and others from within Skype and now I cannot find any of them. So, my question is, where in the heck are the Skype photos stored on my computer?



Where are my Skype photos stored?

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Richard CummingsWhere Are My Skype Photos Stored? [2020 Updates]

How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body

Vicodin in your body

If you are using Vicodin, and want to know “How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body“, we will give you the answer about how long Vicodin stays in your body.

But, as we at A Rich Idea are ever curious, we wonder why so many people want to know how long Vicodin will stay in your body.

Our first pre-research thought is this:  Why would people want to know this about Vicodin?  It’s not like it’s pot or ecstasy or cocaine.  It’s not like someone will not get a job because they failed the “Vicodin” test.

Or is it?

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Richard CummingsHow Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body

What Version of WordPress Do I Have?

what version of WordPress Am I On

Many of you need to new what version of WordPress you have and I am going to tell you how to find out.

For the uninitiated, WordPress is the amazing platform that allows anyone to quickly create a great looking website.

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Richard CummingsWhat Version of WordPress Do I Have?

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

amazon-prime-reviewBecause I write a lot about Amazon Prime, I have had several comments and emails from people asking me if Amazon Prime is worth it.

In this article, I am going to share with you a question from a reader and explain my thinking about Amazon Prime. Is it worth it or is it not?

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Richard CummingsIs Amazon Prime Worth It?
How Can I Add Text to a Photo?

How Can I Add Text to a Photo [2020 Edition]?

How Can I Add Text to a Photo?A visitor to A Rich Idea recently asked “How Can I Add Text to a Photo?” I do this all the time so I’ll show you how to add text to pictures and images quickly and for FREE!

Here was the email I received: “Richard, my question is about adding text to photos. I have some great pictures and I would like to jazz them up by adding some text to explain the picture and make it look more professional. What is the best way to add text to a photo and is there a way that this can be done for free? Many thanks, Gina from Golden Colorado.

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Richard CummingsHow Can I Add Text to a Photo [2020 Edition]?

What is “Molly”?

Music Festivals & MollyIf you have ever heard people talking about something called “Molly”, you certainly may wonder “what is Molly?”

I have just returned from the Electric Forest Music Festival where the question was not “what is Molly?” but rather “do you know where I can get some Molly?”

Why would people be asking this at a music festival, you ask. Well, it’s because Molly is a drug and Molly is slang for pure ecstasy, also known as MDMA.

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Richard CummingsWhat is “Molly”?

Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean

Exterior of the Leaning tower of Pisa 1173-1350 Pisa, Italy

Many of you want to know “why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?”.  In this article, we’ll take a look at why you want to know and why the Leaning Tower of Pisa actually leans.

This is a question of great importance as it may someday allow you to answer that final question in Trivial Pursuit and defeat your friend Ernest who has always beaten you.  He’s downright annoying, isn’t he?

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Richard CummingsWhy Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean

Amazon Gift Cards: Tacky or Terrific?

Are Gift Cards an Appropriate Gift?

christmas-gift-card-good-ideaOne of our faithful readers at A Rich Idea, Nancy from Wisconsin, sent us an email inquiring: “Is it tacky to give a gift card for birthdays or Christmas?”

Nancy asks a question that comes up to many of us during the giving season. Many people love receiving gifts cards for Christmas or their birthday because then they can buy exactly what they want. Others do not appreciate a gift card and think that it’s no only lazy on your behalf to give a gift card but entirely insensitive and thoughtless.
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Richard CummingsAmazon Gift Cards: Tacky or Terrific?