If you are trying to find how to make your Christmas Tree last longer, The Christmas Store Online has the advice you need to make your Christmas Tree last longer.

Make Christmas Tree Last Longer: The Five Key Steps

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Water Christmas Tree

Long-lasting Christmas Trees!

If you are trying to find out how to make your Christmas Tree last longer, A Rich Idea has the advice you need to make your Christmas Tree last from November to New Years!

Like you, we love to buy our Christmas Trees early and keep them through the New Year.  Nothing livens up your house and ushers in the Holiday Spirit like the presence of your Christmas Tree.  However, Christmas Trees tend to dry up and fade if we do not implement the proper steps to keep them alive and fresh throughout the holiday season.

Of course, you could buy a fake Christmas Tree, but if you have the time, there is no substitute for the real thing! Thus, we bring you the five secrets to make your Christmas Tree Last Longer!

Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer: The Five Key Steps

There are many instructions to make your Christmas Tree last a long time. We have broken this list down to the five key steps that you can implement to make your Christmas Tree last.

Buy/Cut a Fresh Tree: Step 1

One of our great family traditions is to get in the family van and go out to find our Christmas Tree. We usually do this in mid-November. Though we live in a city, we head out to the country which is about an hour’s drive and we find the best, wild Christmas Tree that we can.

Getting the right tree is pivotal in making your Christmas Tree last. The key is freshness. Of course, since we go on “the hunt” for a live Christmas tree, we are certain to find a fresh Christmas Tree.

If you do not have the ability to find your own Christmas Tree, you will want to ensure that you buy a fresh tree. How do you tell if Christmas Trees are fresh? Well, this may not sound scientific, but your gut will often tell you. Take a look at the store and the trees being offered. How do they look? Are they sitting in water? Are they hidden from harsh winds and sun? One glance will often tell you if the lot has great trees.

Ask the Christmas Tree lot attendant about the trees? Where do they come from? And, especially, when the tree was cut down? Also, ask around to your friends and neighbors where they get their Christmas Trees.

Once you have identified the tree that you would like, have them saw off a bit of the trunk and place it in water as soon as you can. A tree needs water just like a human and, if it does not receive water pronto, it will begin the dying process.

A Great Christmas Tree Stand: Step 2

One of the primary reasons Christmas Trees do not last long is that they do not properly fit in the common type of tree stand. Here is a list of best selling tree stands if you do not already have one.

With each of these common tree stands, you will want to choose a tree that measures no more than 6-8 inches at its base. This is very important so that it will fit easily in the stand without having to be scaled back.

Water, Water, Water: Step 3

Once you have your tree in the appropriate stand, ensure that it consistently holds one gallon of water. Trees absorb water at a rapid rate and constant availability of water is the best way to make your Christmas Tree last longer. The general rule is that your tree uses one quart of water for every inch of diameter of the trunk.

Take Note of Your Trees Surroundings: Step 4

Though the most important aspect of keeping your Christmas Tree alive is water, there are other conditions that you want to be aware of and avoid. You will want to take note of all of the heat sources near your tree.

Is it near televisions, fireplaces, radiators, or intense lights? Each of these sources adversely affect your tree. Some of these situations are unavoidable however you can mitigate much of this damage by doing simple things like turning the lights off and using low-emission lighting near the tree and with your Christmas Tree decorations.

Step 5: Avoid the Myths—Your Tree DOES NOT Have a Headache

The best care for your tree is plain water, constantly and consistently, around the base of the tree. Many myths abound however. You will read suggestions to place aspirin, or sugar, or other things in the mix to preserver your Christmas Tree. These are proven to be no more effective than standard water.

Preserving Your Christmas Tree: Conclusion

In summary, you can make your Christmas Tree last a long time with the right care. The five steps above will make your Christmas Tree Last Longer! Most importantly, buy a great, fresh tree (preferably cut one yourself) and keep it watered!

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Richard CummingsMake Christmas Tree Last Longer: The Five Key Steps

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