Hottest Female Athletes of The Olympics

Hottest Female Olympians

Hottest Female Athletes of The Olympics

Check Out The Hottest Female Olympic Athletes

As we watch the Olympics from London, we need to give a nod to the absolute stunning beauty of the female athletes of this 2012 Olympics.

Of course, we are all interested in the outcome of each of the Olympic games to see how our country does.  But, as observers of the human form, we cannot escape the amazing figures of these beautiful athletic women.

I don’t know whether I speak for all men, but I can certainly speak for this one.  Athletic women are hot and there is no greater display of the female form than we see in these hot athletic Olympian women.

So, let’s all share in the beauty of these hot female Olympians with this video from youtube below:

The Hottest Female Olympians

Who’s your favorite?

Richard CummingsHottest Female Olympians
Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open Today?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Grahm McDowell, Jim Furyk...?

Who will win the U.S. Open today?

Yesterday, before tee-off time, many pundits were already coronating Tiger Woods as the U.S. Open champion of 2012. Then, the unthinkable happened. Tiger faltered.

This leaves the field wide open. There are 17 people within 5 shots of the lead. If one of these early players can post a great score, you have to like their chances. You also have to think that if either Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell, both past U.S. Open champions, can post a score at even par or better, they will win.

If this does not happen, the tournament is clearly up for grabs. There are only 3 people at a score better than +2. If any of them falter, I would say anybody at +7 can shoot a great round and win.

Of course, it will probably be Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell. But, we won’t know until tonight…and that’s what makes sport the most interesting attraction on the planet!

Richard CummingsWho Will Win The U.S. Open Today?
Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open

Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Tiger Woods U.S. Open Saturday

Tiger Woods Leads U.S. Open

Tiger Woods tees off with the co-lead at the U.S. Open today, Saturday June 16th.

By nearly everyone’s account, nobody has a chance if Tiger plays well. However, yesterday we witnessed Tiger have 3 bogeys in a row so this U.S. Open should not be written off as Tiger’s just yet.

Tiger is paired with another U.S. Open champ in Jim Furyk who also finds himself at one under par. Also at one under par, we find long-ago PGA champ David Toms, who just might have the game to do it at Olympic Club as well.

To catch all of action, watch the U.S. Open on NBC today beginning at 4pm Eastern time until 10pm this evening. Also, while you are watching, be sure to have your laptop or iPad handy and get a look at all of the holes and real time scores at the official U.S. Open site.

Enjoy the show folks…it will be a great one!

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Tiger Woods Set To Tee Off in Round 2 of the U.S. Open

Tiger Woods U.S. Open 2012Tiger Woods is set to tee off for round two of the U.S. Open. He is currently in second place behind Michael Thompson.

Who? I said “Michael Thompson”. I know that you don’t know him and I don’t either. And, by the end of the day, his name will probably be well down the leaderboard.

Where will Tiger’s name be?

The groups that played in the afternoon yesterday did not do so well. And the weather conditions will not improve as the afternoon temperatures drop.

So, where will Tiger be after round 2?

My bet is that he will have or be tied for the lead.

What’s your bet?

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Set To Tee Off in Round 2 of the U.S. Open

French Open Television Coverage–Abominable! Watch the French Open Online!

The French Open television coverage has been terrible.

Right now, the men’s French Open semifinal between Rafael Nadal and fellow Spaniard David Ferrer is going on and it is not showing on television. I am watching the scores progress on ESPN here. You can also watch the French Open Online (see below)!

Watch the French Open TV OnlineOn my cable provider, the television coverage starts at 11am USA midwestern time. Fortunately, this will probably be live coverage of the Novak Djokovic/Roger Federer semifinal, the one that we all really want to see.

Read More

Richard CummingsFrench Open Television Coverage–Abominable! Watch the French Open Online!

Has Roger Federer Won a French Open?

As I am sitting here watching the French Open online, I am wondering has Roger Federer won a French Open?

I believe that the answer is “yes” but I need to put on my research cap to confirm this.

As I am a tennis fan, I think that I remember Roger Federer winning the French Open in the year that Rafa Nadal was hurt. I remember this year because Roger had never won a French Open and it diminished his career accomplishments a little bit because it meant that he did not have the career grand slam.

In fact, this year (2012), he is now again in the semi-finals, and is playing Novak Djokovic. One of these two will win and then they will probably lose to Rafael Nadal, who just crushed his semi-final opponent, in the finals.

But, back to the question at hand. Has Federer won a French Open?

The answer is “yes”. Roger Federer beat Söderling, who had beaten Nadal in the fourth round, in the finals of the 2009 French Open. Thus, Roger has completed the career grand slam.

The better question may be: Will Roger Federer ever be able to win another French Open?

Richard CummingsHas Roger Federer Won a French Open?

World Series 2011 Video Highlights | St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series!

Here, you can see the highlights of the St. Louis Cardinals dramatic win in the 2011 World Series.

As the 2012 MLB season kicks off, I had to take a moment to look back at the incredible St. Louis Cardinals World Series win of last year. Being from St. Louis, these games still give me chills when I watch them!

Below, I bring a few of the most dramatic moments of the 2011 World Series Cardinal victory. To see highlights of all games, visit this page on Read More

Richard CummingsWorld Series 2011 Video Highlights | St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series!