Alicia Sacramone: A Knock-Out

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Alicia Sacramone Is Hot in this Athletic PoseAfter pondering the fate of Alicia Sacramone in The Balance Beam of Life: Alicia Sacramone’s Olympic Fall, I have become less concerned for two reasons:

Reason #1:  Alicia Sacramone Knocks-Out College Boy

Perhaps Alicia could have also participated in Olympic boxing.  I just caught her video on youtube (see below) in which Alicia punches a boy who dares her to do so.  She hits him and he hits the floor.  You don’t often see these types of knock-outs in boxing much less in the UFC.  What a punch…right on the kisser.  Watch the video below:

Alicia Sacramone Knockout Punch


Alicia Sacramone lands a perfect knockout punch!

Alicia is clearly a tough girl and will probably be able to overcome her Olympic fall.

Reason #2:  Alicia Sacramone is a Knock-Out

Life can be easier for a girl when she is attractive.  While Alicia Sacramone looked great at the Olympics, many other pictures of her have surfaced. The conclusion?

Alicia Sacramone is hot!

Alicia Sacramone Poses in her Personal LifeAlicia Sacramone: A Gorgeous OlympianAlica Sacramone Strikes a PoseAlica Sacramone in beautiful shape

Alicia Sacramone:  Other Links and Information

look like alicia sacramone

  • You can view Alicia in her own words in a pre-Olympic interview.  You can tell she knows she’s hot, but she’ll let others draw the conclusion themselves.
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Richard CummingsAlicia Sacramone: A Knock-Out

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  1. Mr. Radio

    My only problem with her, I mean I agree she’s hot, is that she’s really powerful.

    I mean, that’s a thick chick who can do some damage…clearly according to the video you posted.

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