Best Man Speech: How to Be Sincere and Funny

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Many best men feel saddled with this great expectation:  Your Best Man Speech Better Be Funny.

Thus, the best man often sets out to write a 5 minute comedy sketch for his best man speech.  And do you know what happens?

He fails…and fails big time.  Why?  The best man is not a comedian.  Think of the life of a comedian.  They spend their time trolling the comedy bars hoping that one night they will be spotted by someone big in the business and get their one chance on David Letterman or Jay Leno.  There, they will have 5 minutes to give their best performance, the performance of a lifetime.  And a lot of them fail!

They have prepared their whole lives for these five minutes and cannot get the laughs they need.  Are you, the best man, going to bet the farm on being funny for 5 continual minutes?


A great best man speech combines sincerity and humor in equal doses.

There are many easy techniques to include sincerity into your best man speech.  Think of you and groom.  Why were you asked to be the best man?  Presumably, you and the best man have a long history together.  Think of how you met, talk about your relationship, talk about the person that he is, mention how proud you were to be asked to be his best man.  As you think about this, you will no doubt recall some funny stories that occurred in your past with the groom, or you and the groom together.

Then, consider when he met the bride.  Did he change?  Did he mention her too you?  Did he try to play it cool at first before he told you that he really loved her?  If possible, integrate a story or two about the bride and groom together.

Sincerity is also achieved with genuine praise and thanks.  Give a shout-out to all of those who made this day so great:  the moms, dads, siblings, and even the wedding staff serving all of the people at the party.  Generate a round of applause for all of these people and the audience, who have contributed to this great day.

When you follow this sincere path, you will find great source material for humorous stories.  Integrate this humor into your true tales and you will deliver an unforgettable best man speech!

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Richard CummingsBest Man Speech: How to Be Sincere and Funny

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