Girls and Cars

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girls-carsI saw an average looking woman driving a Porsche the other day.  The Porsche was incredible, but the woman driving it remained average.

If the situation was reversed, and I were a woman looking at a man driving a Porsche, the car would remain incredible, but the man driving it might also become better looking.

Why is this?  Is the old double-standard coming into play?

There are many intelligent woman I know that would say:  “A man does not become any hotter because he drives an awesome car.”

I know that 50% of them are lying.  I know this because they are friends and we have been in situations where they have said something to the effect, “Whew, look at that cool car…I wonder what he’s doing tonight.”

Why do women who drive a hot car not become hotter in a guy’s eye?  They say that men are the shallow ones.  Don’t they want to be with a woman who drives a nice car?  Aren’t men shallow like that?

Well, yes, many men are shallow…but not like that.  If you ask a man, “Would you rather be with a hot chick who drives a Ford Escort or an average chick who drives a Porsche?”  All of them would answer “I’d rather be with a hot chick in a Ford Escort.”

Of course, there are some scoundrels who may date the average chick in the Porsche just so that they can drive a Porsche.  Even worse, they may try to borrow her car so that they can take it out and be the single guy in the Porsche referenced above.

Should a guy feel used that a girl would date him just because he has a Porsche?  Of course he should, but he really doesn’t.  He doesn’t because he enjoys being used if there are the usual rewards involved.

Relations between men and women often border on the absurd.  Men enjoy being used because they enjoy sex as a purely physical act.  Most women would object to “being used.”  Although, there are some women who enjoy sex for sex sake too; it just depends on what type of women you are.

My friends Jake and Susanna, both good looking, recently got into a stupid argument.  We were watching TV and a promo for a Jessica Alba movie came on the screen.  Jake said something like, “Wow.”  Susanna, being ridiculous, got semi-jealous and said something to the effect, “Like you could get her.”

Egos aflame, this good-looking couple got into a Who Would Get More? if they were not together argument.

I said to Jake:  “Don’t go there; you’ll lose.”  He looked like he wanted to protest.  Pre-Susanna, Jake never any problem attracting the finer sex.  However, Jake knew what I meant-a good looking girl like Susanna can get pretty much get any guy she wants as quickly as she wants.

Jake did what every man must do in a relationship from time-to-time.  He smiled and said, “You’re right honey.”

The girl in the Porsche the other day did not look like Susanna.  She could not have gotten anybody quickly.  She probably could get somebody in due time, but not anybody quickly.  I hope that she did not buy her car to become hotter-this only works for guys.

If a guy drives a Porsche, he will become hotter to about 70% of women, even to those who will not admit it.  A woman cannot drive a great looking car and achieve the same affect-she must be great looking!

What does any of this matter in the world of sex and relationships?

Everything if you want some good quick fun.

Nothing if you want a solid, long term relationship-it’s what under the hood, what’s inside, that matters!

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Richard Cummings

Richard Cummings is a writer, traveler, and web content developer.

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Richard CummingsGirls and Cars

Comments 4

  1. M

    Perhaps it is just my crowd, but I don’t know of any woman who would buy a car based on what guys will think of her in it. 🙂 The women I know will get something based on how it will make her feel and what other women will think of her in it.

  2. N.o.C.

    Since when have you ever cared what was “under the hood”? You are the guy who only dates the newest, shiniest model right off the “lot”!!!

  3. Richard

    M–I agree with your crowd. Although, I have certainly seen women of a different crowd who do buy a car to be hotter.

    As to your second point…it’s very interesting. Women do much of what they do with “what other women will think” in their mind and not what guys will think.

    This may not be in their best interest. Might have to write about that one 🙂

  4. Splash!

    I have a good car story. (not a good time, great story! Peace Corp motto, baby!)

    When I was around 20, mutual (marijauna type) friend introduced me to needy Mormon girl booted from her house because of the sin of being gang raped by 4 boys, she was dirty, apparently. Kind parents, NOT! I gave her shelter, and on night 3, the moment approached, as we spooned upon my mattress on the floor. One inch of penetration, I discerned that tight, real, girl, If I went all the way, baby I was in it for Lawyers, guns, and money. Deep.

    I backed out, one year later she came back for her Mormon books (the story is, Joseph Smith, torn between two preachers of different faith, walked into the sunlit clearing clearing and God SMILED and struck him cold…. they are both wrong, you are da man!)
    (here comes the car part!)

    When she came back for her books, which I gave, she told me why she chose another boy and now had twins with, wait for it girls…. he had a nicer car than me.

    Thank you girl for running away. One other time I got a similar response (dusty vehicle….) Thank you all for letting me know SHALLOW up front.

    I suppose in case #1, it meant income potential.
    Case #2, standards.

    Fine babies, you are missing out on me! I am da bomb. Real boy, Giappetto. I no lie. (maybe only 2 secrets total, but so I don’t hurt U, the plan!)

    I have made it from Kansas to Japan, with no help from U, and baby, I am the shnozz when it it comes to dramatic Karaoke. Just ask my transvestite friends! I can do it for you baby!

    Queen: I was born to love you
    T.Rex: 20th Century Boy
    Boston: More than a Feeling
    Peter Frampton: Baby I love your way
    Eric Clapton: Wonderful Tonight, Tears in Heaven.

    May I say I have more, much more, one night I did 50. No repeat.

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