Top VPN Reviews

Top VPNs of 2021: An Honest Review of What VPN You Should Choose and Why

Top VPN ReviewsWelcome to an honest assessment of the best VPN products on the market in 2021.

I’m creating this page out of sheer frustration because of the numerous false claims by supposed, genuine reviews of VPN services.

The truth nowadays in 2021 is that VPN services are all pretty decent. The majority of the Top 5 VPN services in the list below are fast, secure, and reliable.

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Richard CummingsTop VPNs of 2021: An Honest Review of What VPN You Should Choose and Why
the movies of kevin bacon

Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon [List Updated 2021]

Top-Movies-Of-Kevin-BaconMany out there want to know the top movies of Kevin Bacon and this page will satisfy your curiosity and then some.

I have a 2021 updated list of Kevin Bacon movies and you may be surprised to find that the movie Kevin Bacon is most noted for — Footloose — doesn’t even crack the top 10!

What’s with the interest in the best movies of Kevin Bacon?

Well, many of you probably like Kevin Bacon and simply have an interest in his films. The fact that it seems like that he’s been around forever has many asking just how many movies has Kevin Bacon been in?
This extended career has led to a very fun game (with the right people) called “6 Degrees From Kevin Bacon“.

If you have lived on another planet, this game is a variation on the notion of 6 Degrees of Separation whereby you can connect yourself to anybody in the world within 6 people.

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Richard CummingsTop Movies Of Kevin Bacon [List Updated 2021]

Best Online Dating Sites [2020 Edition]

Best Online Dating SitesWhen it comes to online dating, you need to know the best online dating sites so you can find the best dates. Makes sense, right? We bring you the best online dating sites and services!

Recent studies by Stanford University have illustrated a point that you may already know:

“When it comes to looking for love, online dating is the place to look…online dating is quickly displacing offline venues as the preferred medium for meeting people to date.”
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Richard CummingsBest Online Dating Sites [2020 Edition]

The 5 Best Ways To Learn Spanish [2020 Edition]

using-google-translate-pronunciationWhat is the best way to learn Spanish?

Spanish is spoken widely throughout the world and in ever-increasing numbers in the United States. This is probably why so many visitors write me and ask: “What is the best way to learn Spanish?

To answer this question, we polled 1,000 people who are native English speakers and are now fluent speakers of Spanish.

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Richard CummingsThe 5 Best Ways To Learn Spanish [2020 Edition]

10 Best Rules Of Netiquette

rules-of-netiquetteIn today’s world of brash, rude, inappropriate behavior online, it’s important to remind ourselves of these 10 rules of Netiquette.

What is netiquette?

Netiquette provides general guidelines as to how you should conduct yourself in cyber-space — the do’s and the don’ts of proper behavior.  The term is derived from network etiquette.

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Richard Cummings10 Best Rules Of Netiquette

The Top Ten Email Providers [2020 Edition]

Top-Email-ProvidersIn this article, we take a look at the top email providers available in 2020. We provide the best reviews of the top 10 free email providers so that you can choose your email services wisely.

When you choose a free email service, it is not a small choice. You will presumably be using this email as contact information for very important things like purchases, reservations, personal correspondence and much more. Thus, you will want this email account to be around for a long time and you will want security to be your first concern as this email address will contain very sensitive data that you want to keep private.

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Richard CummingsThe Top Ten Email Providers [2020 Edition]

Best Web Site Hosting [2020 Edition]

best-web-site-hosting-companiesIn this look at the best web site hosting companies, I’ll review the best place to host your web site in 2020.

Each of these best web hosts provide the outstanding stability, features, and customer service that you need in a hosting provider.

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Richard CummingsBest Web Site Hosting [2020 Edition]

Best Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

best-free-people-finderIf you would like to know the Best Free People Finder, we have it for you.

Many of us are searching for people finders searches that are free because many of the websites that claim they “totally free people find” in fact do not.

The best free people finder bar none is called Like Google, ZabaSearch has an incredibly simple interface to use. There are just two simple search boxes on the homepage: “People Search By Name” and “Search by Phone Number”.

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Richard CummingsBest Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

Roth IRA Best Rates [2020 Edition]

Roth-IRA-Best-RatesIn this article, we will take a look at the Roth IRA Best Rates and determine the Best Roth IRAs where you want to put your retirement funds.

When considering opening a Roth IRA, many people want to investigate Roth IRA best rates. However, this is not the question to really be asking. Rather, we want to know what are the best Roth IRAs in which to put our retirement funds.

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Richard CummingsRoth IRA Best Rates [2020 Edition]

Top 10 Scary Places to Visit

scariest-places-to-visit-on-vacationThere are many top scary places to visit but not all rank in the top 10.  However, these do.

If you want to do a world tour, or simply read about them, here is a list of the Top 10 Scary Places to Visit in the World!

1. Catacombs of Paris

Scary places are all about dead people!  You are sure to find an enormous amount of dead people in these catacombs.  Read more about the Catacombs of Paris.
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Richard CummingsTop 10 Scary Places to Visit