Best Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

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best-free-people-finderIf you would like to know the Best Free People Finder, we have it for you.

Many of us are searching for people finders searches that are free because many of the websites that claim they “totally free people find” in fact do not.

The best free people finder bar none is called Like Google, ZabaSearch has an incredibly simple interface to use. There are just two simple search boxes on the homepage: “People Search By Name” and “Search by Phone Number”.

Why is Zabasearch the best free people finder?

Well, the simple answer is that they are usually able to locate the information that you need free of charge.

This assumes that the information you want does not go beyond the address and phone number. For further information, Zabasearch appears to have teamed up with Intelius to provide more detailed information…but for a price.

Free Unlisted Phone Number People Finders

After some recent tests, Zabasearch also wins as the leader in Free Unlisted Phone Number People Finders. We took three employees who had their home number unlisted and Zabasearch found them no problem.

How can you be found if you requested that your phone # be unlisted?

Well, these completely free people finders use other means to get your phone numbers and addresses.

If you have ever subscribed to a magazine or applied for a card of some sort, you may be in their system. The three employees we tested each had the commonality of being magazine subscribers. We suspect that is how these utilities found them in spite of the fact that they requested unlisted telephone numbers.

More People Finders Searches That Are Free

You can find many people finder websites that purport to be free but, after much searching, they will require a payment for even the most basic information.

This is quite irritating.

Others that purport to be completely free people finders are as follows. You can try them at your own risk…but, remember, you may think that you are going to get the information and then, WHAMMO!, you are required to pay for it.

Here is a list of some more sites that claim they have People Finders Searches That Are Free.

Best Free People Finder: Summary

Many people search for the term “totally free people find” because they are irritated at how these websites dupe them. They use the word totally because they have type in “free people find” and receive websites that want them to pay, which is extremely frustrating.

We have concluded that the best free people finder, and the best of the completely free people finders, is ZabaSearch. Zabasearch is also the best of the free unlisted phone number people finders as we ran some tests and were able to find people who had unlisted numbers.

As we tallied above, there are others sites out there that claim to perform free people searches. However, we discovered there was always a hidden agenda…and a hidden price.

When you are looking for someone by name (not phone #), Zabasearch stands out as the best free people finder because, unlike all the others, it actually provides you the information that you want for free.

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Richard CummingsBest Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

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