Elin Nordegren: People Magazine Interview (19 Hours): What I Wish She Would Have Talked About

Elin Nordegren People Magazine InterviewIf you can’t get enough of the Tiger Woods affair, read Elin Nordegren’s 19 hour interview with People Magazine online .

Frankly, I am surprised that she gave an interview.  I thought her purported $100 million settlement would preclude her from any types of interviews since Elin had signed a pre-nup that merited less than $20 million.  However, since the initial divorce settlement talk was in the neighborhood of  $700 million, I guess she figured I’m Talkin‘.

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Richard CummingsElin Nordegren: People Magazine Interview (19 Hours): What I Wish She Would Have Talked About

Ever Want to Feel Like This?

Zac Brown Toes Video | Getting Ready for Sailing Southern Ground

Zac Brown Toes Video as we get ready for Sailing Southern Ground!

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Richard CummingsEver Want to Feel Like This?

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review: Good End of Summer Reading

the-girl-with-the-dragon-tatoo-reviewI received the book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson a few weeks ago and am about halfway through it. If you wonder, “why would I enjoy a book by a Swedish author that has a silly title?”, you’re not alone. I wondered the same thing.

There is one incontrovertible fact about Swedish people–they are all good looking (and some are now single and rich!). But do I really want to widdle away hours with a Swedish novel that contains no pictures of actual Swedish people?

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Richard CummingsThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review: Good End of Summer Reading

Inception Review: Four Bad Movies For the Price of One!!!

inception-reviewIn this Inception Review, I’ll tell you why you need not rush to see this movie if in fact you want to bother with it at all.

I was initially excited about Inception because I like almost all of the actors in it.  I enjoy nearly all of Leonardo DiCaprio movies.   We also have Joseph Gordon-Levitt of 500 Days of Summer fame, and Ellen Page, who played Juno, one of my favorite movies.

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Richard CummingsInception Review: Four Bad Movies For the Price of One!!!

I’m All Out of Love: A Must-See Video

Tonight, as I was coming home from a night out, I was–for some odd reason–humming the old song from Air Supply:  “I’m All Out of Love” while laughing with my  girl friend (both kind of drunk) who immediately knew the song and we were wondering about what ever happened to Air Supply.  We must, we thought, look for this video when we get home.

So, what did we find?  Here it is:

I’m All Out of Love – Air Supply [crying in the shower video]


Bill’s all out of love. Poor kid.

Ok, this video needs some evaluation, no?

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Richard CummingsI’m All Out of Love: A Must-See Video

Seinfeld Reunion Show: Sort Of…

seinfeld reunion showIf you are wondering if there is going to be a Seinfeld reunion show, there already has been.  Well, sort of…

I happened upon the Seinfeld reunion show accidentally as I was watching the Season Finale of the Larry David Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, on HBO.

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Richard CummingsSeinfeld Reunion Show: Sort Of…

Season Finale: Dexter and Californication

If you think the life of a serial killer or author/ladies man are all peaches and cream, as you might if you are a fan of Dexter or Californication, you have not yet caught the season finales of each.

Europeans often criticize American television and film because everything has a happy ending.  They would be very pleased with the finales of Dexter and Californication.  I was not pleased.  I was just depressed.

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Richard CummingsSeason Finale: Dexter and Californication

Entourage Season 6 Premiere, “Drive”

entourage season 6 premiereVinnie and the boys of Entourage are back for Season 6.  The Entourage Season 6 Premiere, named Drive, has Vince literally, and figuratively, back in the driver’s seat.

After last years doldrums, with the boys hurtin’ after their movie bombed at Cannes, they are back on top as last season ended with Martin Scorsese offering Vince a lead part in his new movie.

This is good.  We watch the show to live vicariously and who wants to vicariously live through pain.

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Richard CummingsEntourage Season 6 Premiere, “Drive”

A Funny, Basic, Well-Presented Best Man Speech (Video)

The best man speech below has many solid characteristics of a good best man speech.

First and foremost, Ollie–the best man, presents himself very well speaking clearly and projecting nicely so that everyone can hear him.  Though most people may not consider this, Ollie finds himself in a somewhat awkward position as he has to do his best man speech on the stairs.

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Richard CummingsA Funny, Basic, Well-Presented Best Man Speech (Video)