Lindsay Lohan Had A More Interesting Week Than You!

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 9, 2020

Lindsay Lohan Car CrashI know what you did this week and it is nothing compared to Lindsay Lohan. Let’s take a look at the week of Lindsay Lohan and how it compares to yours and mine.

Friday: She crashed a Porsche. I went to work and then a baseball game.

Monday: She lied about who was driving the Porsche. I lied to myself about going to church yesterday.

Tuesday: Lindsay is seen cavorting with a notorious adult film director. I, well, I have probably seen his films.

Friday(today): Lindsay was found passed out in a hotel room. Of course, it was from “exhaustion” even though it is the middle of the day. For me, it’s the afternoon, and I have learned my lesson from Lindsay Lohan: I’m going to call my friends and get drunk tonight 🙂 Happy weekend all!

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Richard Cummings

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Richard Cummings
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Richard CummingsLindsay Lohan Had A More Interesting Week Than You!

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