God and Golf: Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

god-golfYesterday, I did not go to church because I was watching the PGA Golf tournament.  One of the ten commandments says: 

I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me!

Was I putting golf before God?  Was golf my strange God? 

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Richard CummingsGod and Golf: Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Hermosa Beach Party, 4th of July

HermosaBeachJuly4thPartyWhen it comes to July 4th celebrations, the place to be is Hermosa Beach, California.

My friends and I celebrated our independence last year on The Strand in Hermosa Beach.   The Strand is the sidewalk area just behind the beach but in front of the houses.  The Strand carries weight.  People use and abuse this term regularly, so much so that it’s often met with skepticism.Read More

Richard CummingsHermosa Beach Party, 4th of July

French Military Victories

In honor of Bastille Day, let’s take a look at French Military Victories.  To do so, perform the following:

1.  Go to google.com.

2.  Type in French Military Victories.

3.  Click the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

Richard CummingsFrench Military Victories

A Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Death

michael-jackson-obituaryLast night, I sat down to watch the evening news when I heard:  Michael Jackson is dead.

My first reaction was utter disbelief–he’s too young to be dead!  We received no clues, no warnings, no serious ill-health reports.  For a moment, I thought they must have the report wrong.  How could Michael Jackson be dead?

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Richard CummingsA Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Death

Priests: Presumed Guilty

Most Priests Have Dedicated Their Lives to Helping OthersMy uncle just came by for a visit.  My uncle is a priest, a Jesuit priest no less.  If you want to get technical, they’re super-priests.

My uncle has like 5 masters degrees.  Jesuits are uber-educated as they have to study for like 13 years before becoming full-fledged Jesuits.  It’s great-you to get to keep going to school well beyond when you’re suppose to stop going to school and get a job.  Your only trade-off for this?  A lifetime vow of poverty and celibacy.

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Richard CummingsPriests: Presumed Guilty


know-it-allAre you a know-it-all?  If so, I have one piece of information that you do not know:  You annoy everybody!

There are two kinds of know-it-alls:  know-it-alls who know nothing and know-it-alls who actually do know almost everything.  I am not sure which is more annoying.Read More

Richard CummingsKnow-It-Alls
tuesday at work

Why Tuesday Sucks

tuesday at workIf you’re in a bad mood today, let me tell you why. It’s Tuesday.

Tuesday has no raison d’être. If your unfamiliar with that term, look it up. It’s Tuesday after all and you feel like shit…might as well learn something.Read More

Richard CummingsWhy Tuesday Sucks

Why I Love Southwest Airlines: The Southwest Rap Video

This morning I was checking out the latest Top Rap Songs and came across a rap video performed on…Southwest Airlines?

How great is Southwest Airlines for allowing their employees to exercise creativity like this?

Let’s see…small seats, old airplanes, no assigned seating…but I always enjoy flying Southwest because of things like this. They just do things right.

Clearly the passengers loved this too as they joined in the beat and gave a big round of applause. Enjoy the Southwest Rap Song!
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Richard CummingsWhy I Love Southwest Airlines: The Southwest Rap Video
tricia-walsh-smith video

Tricia Walsh Smith: In Her Own Words

tricia-walsh-smith videoOver three million people have viewed this video on You Tube of Tricia Walsh Smith, the present and future ex-spouse of Philip Smith, a theatre executive worth about sixty million dollars.

In the video, she lambastes her husband for many things: that he is not giving her what she deserves, his sexual ineptitude, his infidelities…basically, his entire character.

This is just not fair for one obvious reason: she is not a first wife!

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Richard CummingsTricia Walsh Smith: In Her Own Words