Best Online Dating Sites [2020 Edition]

Best Online Dating SitesWhen it comes to online dating, you need to know the best online dating sites so you can find the best dates. Makes sense, right? We bring you the best online dating sites and services!

Recent studies by Stanford University have illustrated a point that you may already know:

“When it comes to looking for love, online dating is the place to look…online dating is quickly displacing offline venues as the preferred medium for meeting people to date.”
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Richard CummingsBest Online Dating Sites [2020 Edition]

The 5 Best Ways To Learn Spanish [2020 Edition]

using-google-translate-pronunciationWhat is the best way to learn Spanish?

Spanish is spoken widely throughout the world and in ever-increasing numbers in the United States. This is probably why so many visitors write me and ask: “What is the best way to learn Spanish?

To answer this question, we polled 1,000 people who are native English speakers and are now fluent speakers of Spanish.

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Richard CummingsThe 5 Best Ways To Learn Spanish [2020 Edition]

Who Does This Phone Number Belong To

who-does-this-phone-number-belong-toDo you ever have a phone number and wonder, “Who Does This Phone Number Belong To?”  If so, we are going to show you places to find out who this phone number belongs to.

But, first, we wonder, why are you asking this question?  Did you meet a hot girl last night and get her number but not her name?  Are you searching through all of your paperwork and just curious about all the phone numbers that you have written down?  Are you one of those people who is just randomly curious?

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Richard CummingsWho Does This Phone Number Belong To

What Is Intuition in Relationships

man-woman-relationship-intuitionThe role of intuition in relationships between males and females is unrealized.

I began writing an article entitled “Should Women Travel For Their Men” when I came across the word intuition and found that people were wondering when, where, and if,  intuition should factor into their relationships.

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Richard CummingsWhat Is Intuition in Relationships

Chat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

chatroulette-review-1I am just reading in the entertainment section of the newspaper about this website called

It´s a website where everybody is LIVE on webcams.  No doctored photos or photos of people from 10 years before.  It is all apparently live, pimples and all.

So, I´m gonna pop on the computer and see what all the fuss is about — this is my official ChatRoulette review.

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Richard CummingsChat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

Why Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is

why-is-my-boyfriend-acting-the-way-he-isMany girlfriends ask the following question:  Why Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is?

As a guy, I can certainly see why women would ask that question.  We men can often be found wondering Why Is My Girlfriend Acting the Way She Is?

But as a guy, I would like to shed some light on the question that many of you are asking.  So, without further ado, here are five things to consider when you wonder:

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Richard CummingsWhy Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is

Where Can I Watch A Flight Online [2020 Updates]

where-can-i-watch-a-flight-onlineA friend of mine asked me the other day, “Where can watch a flight online?”  Well, in this article I am going to tell you how to track a flight online.

When I first heard about the ability to watch a flight online, I must say that I was completely in awe.  I thought that this was something talked about but not actually possible.  However, it turns out that is very simple to go online and track anybody’s flight to find out where it is in the great sky above.

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Richard CummingsWhere Can I Watch A Flight Online [2020 Updates]

I Wish I Was Divorced

dating-after-divorceI really hope that my wife does not read this!

But, as I see my friends getting divorced, they seem so happy.  They have their kids, their guy friends, lots of girlfriends, and the sympathy of the world.

After the initial pain of the divorce, they invariably say:  “This divorce thing is great.  I wish I had thought of it sooner.”

I’m kidding; well, kind of.

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Richard CummingsI Wish I Was Divorced

How To Connect Laptop Computer to LCD TV [2020 Edition]

connect-your-laptop-pc-to-lcd-tvIf you want to know how to connect your laptop or desktop PC to your LCD TV, I’ve got you covered with what you need and how to do it. Let’s get started!

The other day I was considering buying a new LCD monitor to use with my laptop.  At the time, I was using an older, clunkier LCD monitor (that I bought only 3 years ago!) and I was tired of it.

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Richard CummingsHow To Connect Laptop Computer to LCD TV [2020 Edition]