Best Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

best-free-people-finderIf you would like to know the Best Free People Finder, we have it for you.

Many of us are searching for people finders searches that are free because many of the websites that claim they “totally free people find” in fact do not.

The best free people finder bar none is called Like Google, ZabaSearch has an incredibly simple interface to use. There are just two simple search boxes on the homepage: “People Search By Name” and “Search by Phone Number”.

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Richard CummingsBest Free People Finder [2020 Edition]

Waking Up

waking-up-morning-coffeeThere are many different ways to wake up.  You can’t control them; they just are.

I liked the way I woke today.  Normally, I wouldn’t have liked it because I woke up too early.  When you wake up too early, it often means that you did not get enough sleep.  Who wants to start a new day without enough sleep the night before?

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Richard CummingsWaking Up

Girls and Cars

girls-carsI saw an average looking woman driving a Porsche the other day.  The Porsche was incredible, but the woman driving it remained average.

If the situation was reversed, and I were a woman looking at a man driving a Porsche, the car would remain incredible, but the man driving it might also become better looking.

Why is this?  Is the old double-standard coming into play?

There are many intelligent woman I know that would say:  “A man does not become any hotter because he drives an awesome car.”

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Richard CummingsGirls and Cars

Spanish Pronouns: “LaLeLoSe”, A Simple Explanation

spanish-pronoun-la-le-lo-seI am going to give you a simple explanation of Spanish Pronouns and when to use “La” vs “Le” vs “Lo” vs “Se”. In fact, it might be too simple so I will also give you resources that make it more complicated.

Spanish Pronouns: What Did She Just Say?

One of the most difficult things when learning Spanish is understanding the use of pronouns. And, learning these pronouns academically is only part of the battle. The other part is actually understanding native speakers when they string all of these pronouns together.

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Richard CummingsSpanish Pronouns: “LaLeLoSe”, A Simple Explanation

Are You Feeling Lucky?

feeling-luckyAre you feeling lucky?  There’s a lottery going on right now and you could run out and buy a ticket.

Do you know that today, there are hundreds of people who are going to visit google or other search engines and type in the following:  “What are the most lucky mega numbers played?”  You might be one of them.

But you might not want to win the lottery today.  This sounds silly I know (who would not delight in winning $3,000,000 today?).  But experts say that “excessive wealth, particularly for people unaccustomed to it, such as lottery winners, can actually cause unhappiness.”  In fact, over 1/3 of lottery winners end up declaring bankruptcy.

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Richard CummingsAre You Feeling Lucky?
Teacher of the Year Sex Scandal

Teacher Sex Scandals [Erica Depalo & Debra Lafave]!

Teacher of the Year Sex Scandal

Erica DePalo, Teacher of the Year, Accused of Rape

A former “teacher of the year”, Erica DePalo, has been accused of having sex with one of her students.  DePalo, who won the New Jersey Teacher of the Year Award, is now faced with charges of first-degree aggravated assault. But, is this assault?

To any mothers out there, this story certainly is offensive.  “Someone has violated my little boy,” would certainly be their pervasive sentiment.  And, to make matters worse, this teacher is in a trusted position of authority.  She has abused this trust and physically assaulted a little boy.

For men, the first question that comes to mind is:  “Is she hot?”  So, let’s take a look at photos of the teacher, Erica DePalo, to determine just how abused the child was.

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Richard CummingsTeacher Sex Scandals [Erica Depalo & Debra Lafave]!
Older Women Versus Younger Women: Who Is Better?

Who Is Better at Sex: Younger Women or Older Women?

better-sex-young-older-womenAre younger women or older women better in bed?

Take this one question quiz and then put your reasons in the comments section below.  Everyone is interested in your opinion.

Guys, who would you rather be with…a younger woman or an older woman?  Ladies, are you better now at 30 than you were at 18?

Comment below.  All of your information is private (you can make up name/email address if you want).  Tell us why you answered one way or another.

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Richard CummingsWho Is Better at Sex: Younger Women or Older Women?

Why Were Black People Called Negros

black-people-negro-word-usageI came across a question today that many people ask:  “Why were black people called negros?”  I am going to research the history of this term, but my guess is that the term comes from the Spanish word for black, which is negro.

It turns out that the term negro actually originated with the Portuguese (whose language is very similar to Spanish).  Around 1442,  the Portuguese were trying to find a sea-route to India and discovered sub-Saharan Africa in the process.  There, they discovered black people and referred to them as negro, their word for the color black.

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Richard CummingsWhy Were Black People Called Negros

Is “The” Capitalized In A Title?

capitalize-the-in-titlesShould the word “The” be capitalized in a title?

I recently received this email from a visitor: “My company has asked me to write several articles and many contain the word ‘the’ in the title. I haven’t studied grammar in years and I can’t remember whether the word The should be capitalized in the title or not. Help!” Thanks, Barb from Sherman Oaks.

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Richard CummingsIs “The” Capitalized In A Title?

Online Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love

online-datingOn a recent visit to San Francisco, I learned that a large number of guys do (as well as Tinder obviously) to get dates.

These are not guys you would consider pathetic or lame but guys who could get dates in the real world.  However, they get even more dates on and the rewards are rather…instantaneous.

On a Wednesday, my friends and I were setting up a round of golf.  We called Jim to be the fourth player.

“Jim, can you play on Friday?”, we asked.

“Nope,” he responded, “I’m going out with this girl from Match.”  Saturday?  “Got a lunch date from Match and then going out with another one Saturday night.”  Sunday?  “Going on a picnic with a girl from Match.”  After the picnic?  “Got a dinner date.”

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Richard CummingsOnline Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love