Older Women Versus Younger Women: Who Is Better?

Who Is Better at Sex: Younger Women or Older Women?

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 11, 2020

better-sex-young-older-womenAre younger women or older women better in bed?

Take this one question quiz and then put your reasons in the comments section below.  Everyone is interested in your opinion.

Guys, who would you rather be with…a younger woman or an older woman?  Ladies, are you better now at 30 than you were at 18?

Comment below.  All of your information is private (you can make up name/email address if you want).  Tell us why you answered one way or another.

For this poll, we defined the line at 30 years old.  Take the poll now:

Who is Better at Sex?  Young Women or Older Women?

Who is Better at Sex: Younger Versus Older

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Richard CummingsWho Is Better at Sex: Younger Women or Older Women?

Comments 34

  1. marymaryland

    I am over 30 and am so much more experienced than when I was younger. There is not a man who would choose a younger woman over me. Not only am I better in bed, I look hotter too!

    1. george

      Hi honey, its always my fantacy to have sex with a experienced womancan you send me your number or email id so i can meet you…..

  2. tosca

    This is so obvious…women over 30 do it much better. When I was younger, I did it more often, but I have now realized that quantity did not mean quality. To the boys I was with when I was younger, I am sorry you can not have me now…I would blow your mind. Younger women do it without experience and they rush it. Older women (and btw 30 is not “old”) know how to treat a man much better!

  3. calygirlla85

    C’mon. How could the old chicks be winning? A guy takes one look at this 21 year old booty…he’ll choose me. EVERY TIME!

  4. Nadia

    It’s all about LOVE, not AGE.

    For me, without any doubt, great sex is not a matter of age, but a matter of whether you are in love or not.

    When I was 17-21, sex wasn’t very good, although I definitely still liked it. Later I realized that the whole reason was that I wasn’t really in love with any of these boyfriends.

    At 22 I fell in love and had absolutely great sex for 3 years. Then, after breaking up and falling in love again with another boy, I had another 4 years of great sex. Then I went through another break-up (unfortunately, love and great sex aren’t enough when it comes to making a relationship last for me).

    So next, I had a boyfriend who I loved, and who I was very attracted to and who was attracted to me, but it wasn’t the same kind of deep love that I had experienced earlier. We weren’t in love in every way. In fact, the relationship was more based on physical attraction and sex, whereas my previous two love relationships were based on deep friendships.

    Anyway, I felt I was not appreciated for the true me, but instead for my sex appeal and my willingness to have sex and be loving. We were together 5 years, and although we had enjoyable sex several times a week, and he said it was the best sex he’d had in his life, for me it wasn’t that good. It was too superficial, and I sometimes had trouble getting into it.

    At times I thought perhaps it was due to my age (early 30s) that I wasn’t enjoying sex as much as I had earlier, but after going through yet another break-up, and finding another true love, (this one who I know definitely loves me completely for who I am), I am again having unbelievably amazing, wonderful sex. I am now convinced it’s all about love — at least for the time being. I’ll have to wait to find out what it’s like when I’m in my forties. 🙂

    To wind this all up, in my view it’s definitely possible to be turned on by physical sensations, imaginations, the look, smell, voice and feel of an attractive sex partner with whom you are comfortable, but the powerful effect of actually being in love cannot be compared to. When true love (and not infatuation or simply strong attraction) is present, everything– ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING — feels so amazingly good it’s indescribable!

  5. Jack

    The most loving and satisfying relationship was with a 74 going on 25 yrs lady! She had never been loved sincerely. She carried the most beautiful breasts -firm and lovely-I wish she was still with me! Older women who have the appropriate feelings are definitely the best-most stable and loving -if you can make it so!-Jack NZ.

  6. X_x-Darkness-Bi-Sexual-Lover-x_X

    Will i think that woman over the age of 30 is better. I mean I know that I am under the age of 20, but everytime I see a older woman from 30’s to 60’s, I feel more into them then any woman under the age of 30. I feel that they do not really attract my attachine as much as older woman do. I mean, i do not care what others think of me and who I love and yes I am in love with a man but still, I still actually love woman a lor more but older woman are to mje, more better then younger girls. I mean I do sometimes look twice at a young girl but if I got to choose, I would choose a older woman over a younger woman. I are sowwy >////<;;;

  7. bob

    Younger women don’t carry around all that older mental baggage,they are out to learn how to be happy the first time around and seek the best in life with an older man regardless of money.
    The younger women are fresh and are not full of problems like older women who are better suited with younger men that can give that special thing that older women need!

    Its very rare that a first date lasts for ever and a day in a relationship ,only in heaven does that happen and if heaven happens to be at the time of orgasm then a long union is required!

    Humans on the planet earth are still searching for that total holy grail of happiness
    so i said they have found “IT” when the couple have been together till death.

    hints for older women :treat that guy what ever the age, as last guy on the planet!

    hints for older men:treat that woman like she is the last angel on earth!

  8. SugaSuga

    This is for you younger ladies. First of all I am older…when I was younger I did not know what the hell I was doing or what he was doing…I doubt that you know either. As I got older and matured I realized what it was to not just have sex (which is what you do) but what it was to be loved in a very intimate way. So, you younger women can have all your positions, faking, nice shapes and booties…because until you mature and know that just having sex is not an option…this is all you are doing. We, mature women, give intimacy…which is what he wants…not just sex. Remain abstinence until you know what it is all about, and stop giving up your jewels like it is candy at a candy store.

  9. james

    This is pretty close. Younger women today are having so much more sex, and are much more educated about it than the Gen X folks and all those that came before them. I’m not sure if the older people here can appreciate just how much these young women know, and through the internet and friends are continuing to learn more and more.

    Older women on the other hand have a lot of experience, but because they belong to a different generation might be less apt to try some kinkier stuff. Also, because they are old, it might be tougher to get them to try to learn some new stuff. But, they’ve still been around the block, are more self-confident, and know (for the most part) what works.

    This is a tough call. Younger women have less “miles on the odometer” (and child-birth counts for a LOT of miles ladies) but older women have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them. Slight edge to the older (childless) woman.

  10. Aleks

    Older women are better! Why? most older women are more comfortable with their bodies. They are confident in bed and not shy at all when it comes to sex. They also hit their sexual prime. They want to try it all, as opposed to a shy, insecured young woman. Thats how things become boring in bed with a young couple. The young wife is scared to truely let herself go in bed with her hubby and have fun. Things get boring after a while. Then she gets divorce at a much older age when she is hitting her prime and guess what she wants now? The sex she never had at a younger age with her hubby. She wants to live, experiment, try new things, blaming her hubby for mostly everything… But that a different story and another topic. Fact of the matter that men and women peek at different ages. But no one wants a horny little boy, but everyone wants a mature horny successful woman.

  11. Bob Lee Swagger

    When I was in the service and 17 I had a string of lady friends in their thirties and got the education of a lifetime. They knew what they wanted and they trained me to deliver and my reward was wild, wet, screwathons. When I was 35 I had a 19 year old live in. She was near gorgeous, petite, adventuresome, and was ready for whatever I could come up with. Her thing was risky sex, 40 mile oral jobs, screwing in broad daylight in a park, sat in my lap one night in San Francisco and humped me silly with people stealing glances at us. One tim she got under our table in a bar and did me in about 2 minutes. Both her and the older gals brought something special to the party, but I vote for the 35 year old divorcee who puts her heart and soul, as well as her ass, t and P into the match.

  12. samuel randy

    i am 20 i would do anything to have sex with older women they are so experienced and the body is just attractive i wish i did

  13. amarjit

    I like more than 30 woman over a less than 30 younger woman. They have experience. The part of their body like Breast attracts the guys. They are broad minded and play better role of sex in bed. Also they require less money than younger.

  14. big c

    Sorry ladies and sugasuga to ur post. 30+ women are career oriented, usually have ur head on straight by now and probably baggage or divorced etc. Take it from an older guy, older women are marriage material. Long nites at home nothing to do…cause they’ve already had their fill of fun. They let themselves go. Younger girls are full of life, wanna have fun, and sex all the time! And as this question asks whose better in bed? Well from a 30’s guy- younger women $uck till they drop 2-3 times a day. And their bodies are smokin! But from a lasting relationship point go older. Just remember ur giveing up frequent sex too- what a majority of men want!

  15. Cisco

    What the F are you talking about? I do not know how I ended up on this site. This is my opinion as a 40 year old man that was a swinger. Of course when my wife was young and fun. Younger women are so much better. They are way more exciting. I had so much more fun with a younger women on the way home from the bar. A younger woman will start out with a great BJ then end up riding you all the way home. Now I haven’t even got a bj in so long from my old wife at home much less on the way home. Younger women are so much better. They will try to bang anywhere. They will wear short skirts in the movie theater, just a simple hand holding and they will end up on your lap in no time. The old ass wife would rather watch the movie. The younger women will enjoy some fun with the hotel door open, bent over the balcony or even in the shower. All the old wife wants is to be eaten and the missionary position on our 16th anniversary she might go cowgirl. The younger women want to have fun it in the mall bathroom, likes to take her clothes off in the parking lot. The wife does not even want to take off her seat belt. The younger women want to be tied up, blindfolded, spanked and caressed. The wife wants to be eaten or the vibrator. Younger women are always willing to try a threesome. My old wife does not like to get naked with the lights on much less in front of another woman. I can give lots of examples of how young women are fun and exciting and Old women are routine and boring. Even Hugh Heffner knows that young women are a much better pick. Ya’ll just helped me make up my mind. I am going to go home and divorce my old wife and marry my young girlfriend I have been stringing along.

    Only 21-35 year old women email me extrafunman1971@yahoo.com older women you have no chance.

  16. Buster28

    I can only talk for my marriage. When my wife was in her early 20`s she used to be a wild cat up to anything and anytime. We used to have sex every day and it lasted for hours. Now that she is almost 30 we have sex once a week a quicky. No foreplay or oral staff, etc. Then she falls asleep… It drives me crazy, I enjoyed her a lot more 10 years ago. 🙁

  17. kerry

    Sexual peak baby! I have been insatiable since I turned 30! I’d have sex with my husband 6 times a day if he could keep up, lol!!

  18. cate

    I’m no space cadet- wait i am, thats just an obscene way of saying an astronaut! But the poll says differently. Its says that the older women are hotter. I know why that is too, its because , well. People say that men rule the world. But that is not true. Women do. And by the time a woman is thirty she is perfect in every way. She also is more dominant and that is VERY fucking sexy. You better give it to her and I am talking GOOD . Young women can be physically attractive also, maybe a little more than older women , but they will noy rock your world. there is someone who knows sex’s opinion.

  19. Greg P

    I thought younger was better until I met a cute freckled face mom at my daughters school. She was in a bad marriage and was very friendly to me. I had her come over once to do a play date. All I had to do was walk into the bedroom with her and she took her cloths off. She was suprisingly fit for having 3 kids and had beautiful white skin, huge t*ts with big round soft n**ples. She didn’t shave like most of the younger women I dated. But when we got started, that is what amazed me. She was so much tighter, even with 3 kids, She was so sensual and did things to me I couldn’t get from younger women. She loved it that I as so much larger than her husband. Multiple or***ms, for both of us. I just can’t stop seeing her, I think I am in love,,

    Sweet Virginia,, she is good!!!

  20. SHAY


  21. karlito3080

    If any older women interest talk to young buy or want to share something dont be shy 🙂 i can talk to you and after we will see whats going on

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