Online Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: February 18, 2020

online-datingOn a recent visit to San Francisco, I learned that a large number of guys do (as well as Tinder obviously) to get dates.

These are not guys you would consider pathetic or lame but guys who could get dates in the real world.  However, they get even more dates on and the rewards are rather…instantaneous.

On a Wednesday, my friends and I were setting up a round of golf.  We called Jim to be the fourth player.

“Jim, can you play on Friday?”, we asked.

“Nope,” he responded, “I’m going out with this girl from Match.”  Saturday?  “Got a lunch date from Match and then going out with another one Saturday night.”  Sunday?  “Going on a picnic with a girl from Match.”  After the picnic?  “Got a dinner date.”

On Monday, perhaps because he was completely exhausted, we caught up with Jim.  Over dinner, he told us about his FIVE dates over the weekend.  Mission Accomplished was the overriding theme.  Jim had sex with all 5 of them.

This got me thinking about many things not the least of which was Lucky Jim.  To the girls who read this:  I’m only joking.  To the guys who read this…Lucky Jim 🙂’s slogan is “Make Love Happen”.  Jim made it happen 5 times in one weekend…it seems to be working.  They even offer a guarantee:  “Find someone special in 6 months or we’ll give you 6 months free.”  Maybe Jim could get 6 months free if none of these girls were special.  In fact, upon further questioning, Jim acknowledged that he may only be interested in going out with one of the five again.

This got me thinking about the girls on  Were they betrayed by Jim?  Or, like Jim, were they just trying to get some action?  And, perhaps, if they find “someone special” in the process, this would just be an added benefit?

There are many who will read this and think:  “Your friend Jim is an a**hole!”  If you think this, you are then saying that all of these girls are gullible, naïve, and perhaps rather stupid.  You are agreeing with the stereotypes of the hopeless woman “looking for love” and the man out there just “looking to get laid”.

It is true:  While Jim would settle down if he met someone very interesting, he is basically looking for a good time which usually includes a roll in the hay.

But what of these five women?  Can they legitimately play the victim?  Can they claim “Jim’s an a**hole” after sleeping with him on the first date?  Or did each of them also have 4 other dates that weekend?

When asked “how many people have you slept with?”, we often hear that men will multiply the answer by a minimum of 2 and that women will divide by 3 or more, depending on circumstances.  Perhaps each of these women are of  the “or more” category.

Can you “make love happen” on  Absolutely.  I have a female cousin who is happily married to a wonderful man she met on

But perhaps should change their slogan to:  “Get Laid While Looking for Love.”

tips for a better sex life
Any thoughts or stories?  Place them in the comments section below.

Other Links and Notes on Dating

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Richard CummingsOnline Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love

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  1. Crian

    Interesting article Richard, I have tried online dating before with some mixed success, definitely nothing like Jim. I do think such services will become more popular as society becomes more complex and we have less time to look for someone to settle down with.

  2. Vernon

    Here some rules of thumb for getting laid on Sweeping generalizations I know, but it’s a strategy akin to betting on horseracing. I’d be curious to hear if anybody else agrees with these tips.

    1. Avoid girls that have dogs. They are more in love with them and seem to getting daily tactile rewards from their pet. They can always go home and cuddle with the mangy beast, rather than you.

    2. Part time moms. Use the “sometimes kids live at home” search criteria. Best case is if the father lives in the same town and has kids part of the week. A “Jeckyl and Hyde” phenenomenon occurs and they jump on you. Strangely, these women seem to be pretty comfortable having you in their home. Usually one date required before penetration takes place. They judge and trust or not trust quickly. If they trust you, you’re “in like Flynn.”

    3. I’m a non-smoker, but I’ve had better success with the “occasional smokers” criteria. These are the ones that have a little wine and like to have fun.

    4. Avoid age 25-32. I don’t know what it is, but this group is pretty tough to nail in a timely fashion.

    5. Second date=score. If you have a second date, but no action, then definitely by third.

    6. If they use the phrase in their profile, “if you’re looking to get laid, sex. etc..” then you have a good chance. If it’s on their mind that much, and enough to put in print, and they like you on the first date, then you stand a good chance of hitting a home run fairly soon.

    Good luck Men. Score one for the team!

  3. Sally

    Looking for love online can be difficult sometimes, but if you find the right site for you, you are half way there. Before you know it, you’ll be dating Mr. Right!

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