AdSense Quality Test: A Sure Way to Know Your Web Content is Quality!

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 3, 2020

There is always quite a bit of news in the AdSense cirlces that you need to have quality material on your AdSense sites.

This news has been brought about because several leading sites that were made especially for AdSense with no real value to the end user have been earmarked for inspection and removal.

This makes sense as Google wants to provide quality content for their advertisers.  If a site does not focus on quality, Google advertisers are guilty by proxy or so the thinking would go.

As I wrote in my initial post called how to make money with AdSense, my focus has always been on quality.  I always ask myself:  “Does this post provide value to the people who visit it?  Is it worthy of a place at the top of the search engines?”

If my answer to those questions is “no”, then I will rework the article and make it better. It takes a long time to research a topic and provide valuable information in a page.  But, if you do it right, people will come and they will link to your site and you will rise in the rankings.

Last week I wrote the post called Earn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success! which was a look at the true way to earn money with AdSense over time (in fact, a lot of people have already stolen this article with their Internet Scraping technology which irks me to no end).  It is not gimmicky and it is not quick, but it works.  It works because you take a long time, investing in both research and your forthcoming words, and are rewarded by readers over the long haul.

Any offer that promises overnight success is just gimmicky.  And, even if the gimmick works, it is not a sustained income.  You continually have to come up with new gimmicks.  So, wouldn’t you rather focus on quality content that lasts more than a day, a week, or even a year?  That is the best way to earn money over time with AdSense and many other programs.

How do you know whether you are writing quality content?

Well, the reason that I am writing this post in the first place is because of something that just happened.  I wanted to take a YouTube video and put it on my computer, but I forgot how.  However, I had written about in the past in a post called How Do I Save YouTube Videos On My Computer and it all came back to me in a matter of moments.

So, perhaps, that is the best test of all.

If you are referring to your own content, others will too and it will be successful…just give it time.

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Richard CummingsAdSense Quality Test: A Sure Way to Know Your Web Content is Quality!

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