Earn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success!

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 3, 2020

adsense-1000-dollars-per-hourThis article is about how to earn $1000 an hour with AdSense.  Does that get your attention?  It does mine!

It sounds like one of those ads that you see from marketers, doesn’t it:  “Earn $1,000 a day with AdSense” or something like that.

Those who read this blog may at first be disenchanted.  “Nobody can do that,” you think.  If you make $1,000 per hour, and work 8 hours a day, then you would be earning $8,000 a day with AdSense.  Maybe I should have titled the article that 😉 .

I know that those who read my make money with AdSense blog are the real deal.  They are not the type who believe the hype of doing practically nothing and then earning a boatload of money.

So, why am I writing a post that is similar to many embellished ads that we see?  I am writing this article because it’s true.

I am not telling you that you can earn an AdSense income of this size without doing anything.

When we talk about making money online, those of you who are sensible know that you have to work for money that is earned online.  Aside from a few lucky avenues you may find that you can use to Make Money Online Fast, most of money earned online is money that is made from hard work.

So, why the outrageous title?  Well, I’m getting to that.

Before I answer the $1000 an hour question, I want you to ask yourself:  “Do you really think that this is possible?”  Earning $1000 an hour online?  Seriously?  That is a huge amount of money.

I remember when I first started and I saw all of those bold but bogus claims of earning so much money through the AdSense Affiliate program.  I was drawn in by a few of them.  Who could not be?  They promise grand returns with simple plans.  The only problem is that everybody else, and their mother, are doing those same things.

When you do these programs, as i believe that I have mentioned before, the only person who is getting rich is the creator of the program.  You will be stuck earning your paltry $5 a day and wondering what you are doing wrong and why everyone else in testimonials is earning giant income.

Well, those testimonials are probably false…or they took the first few people who signed up to the top and everyone else who tried those strategies was too late.

This is truthfully why most people quit the making money online game early.  They are promised riches that are never delivered and they become disillusioned with the whole process.

But, I am here to tell you:  You can make money with AdSense and you can earn $1000 an hour with AdSense.

There it is again.  That bold claim.

I feel like that I am writing one of those pitch pages…you know the ones…the ones that have no sidebars and no links off the page that do everything that they can do to keep you on their page to buy their product.  Then, when you try to leave the page, they say, “Wait, we have a discount for you.”  You know what i am talking about.  Pages like this.

They all have good stories, don’t they.  I was down and out until I discovered BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…  You can succeed just like I did.

Well, look around at this page.  I am not trying to sell you anything.

Luckily, you have just found someone who likes to write and write about experiences with AdSense.

And I am telling you that IT IS possible to earn $1,000 an hour with AdSense.  Probably not all the time, but definitely on some days.

It all has to do with your AdSense Mindset and whether you are ready to have AdSense success.

To succeed with AdSense, you need to have a whole new mindset.  This is especially true if you are an AdSense beginner.


Because when you begin with AdSense you will make no money.  Earning money with AdSense takes time.  Every single person who has honestly succeeded with AdSense will tell you exactly the same thing.

This is the problem and it is why most people quit trying to earn an income online.  It takes too long.  But, once you start seeing returns, you will be motivated to keep it.  The beauty of passive income is alluring to everybody.

So, what is all this nonsense about $1,000 an hour?

It is not nonsense at all.  It’s absolutely true.  However, you have to change your mindset to the AdSense success mindset to totally understand it.

Let me explain.

When I sit down in the morning to review what I am going to do that day, I don’t ask myself:  “Will I make money with this today?”  You will not.  You simply will not.

I ask myself, “What will I earn on this idea in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years?”  This is the AdSense success mindset.

Example:  Read the last post that I wrote entitled AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them.  This article is about how to find great AdSense keywords that are not too competitive that will pay you a good return.

Now, let’s say that you can generate 500 hits per day on variations of this term, which you can if you follow all of the steps in how to make money with AdSense.

Ok, now, assuming that you found some good terms, there is the very reasonable possibility that these 500 hits will pay you $5 per day beginning several months from now.  And, if you write a quality article, it will get more and more popular over time.  So, 2 years from now, it will be more popular than 1 year from now because more people will link to it.

“$5 per day?” you ask, “that sucks”.

Well, my friend, you simply don’t have the AdSense Success Mindset.

$5 per day is $1,780 dollars per year.  Assuming that your article(s) has a life span of five years, and in many cases it’s much more, you will earn $8,900 on this one article (or series of articles–this is better!).

Well, how long did it take you to write those articles?  About 7 to 8 hours?

You, my friend, just made yourself $1,000 an hour!

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Richard CummingsEarn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success!

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  1. Dragon Blogger

    Very clear and concise and you make good points, by optimizing your AdSense CPC on an article and getting a consistant amount of traffic and click through, if each article made $5 per day and you had 100 articles on your site earning that you could be making $500 per day from AdSense. I am still stuck earning about $40 per month in AdSense, not even close to the $5 per day which I would be happy with right now.

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