Second Stimulus Proposal – the HEALS ACT- In Danger of Collapse

senate-second-stimulus-HEALS-mitch-mconnellWhile Americans continue to wonder when they’ll receive their second stimulus check, the Republican-filled Senate continues to argue over the details of their new stimulus package called The HEALS Act.

If you are wondering about how much a second stimulus check would be, the answer is that it would be roughly the same amount as the first stimulus check from the CARES Act, which was $1,200 for all qualifying Americans.

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Richard CummingsSecond Stimulus Proposal – the HEALS ACT- In Danger of Collapse

Second Stimulus Check: How much and when?

When will a second stimulus check arrive?Will you receive a second government stimulus check in July or August and how much will it be?

Let’s dig through the facts as we know them.

For sure, nothing will happen — literally nothing — until July 20th. Why not?

Because, while many Americans are out of work, the Senate is taking a recess for state work and will not return to federal work until July 20th.

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Richard CummingsSecond Stimulus Check: How much and when?

A Second Stimulus Check Payment in 2020 – Get the Latest Updates!

second stimulus checkWill you be receiving a second stimulus check payment in 2020 and, if so, how much will it be?

The current amount that you would receive in a second stimulus check of 2020 would be roughly equivalent to the first stimulus check of 2020.

Many of you have already received your first 2020 stimulus payment and gotten all of your Coronavirus protective gear. If your first stimulus payment has not yet arrived, you should be receiving your check or direct deposit shortly if you do not exceed the income thresholds of $75,000 for the full payment of $1,200 or $99,000 for a partial payment.

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Richard CummingsA Second Stimulus Check Payment in 2020 – Get the Latest Updates!

When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check in 2020 [Coronavirus Updates]?

receive-government-stimulus-checkThe U.S. government has been sending out stimulus checks and direct deposits since mid-April 2020 due to the Coronavirus [Covid-19].

Most of you should have received your first stimulus check by now.  As of Friday, August 7th, 2020 the Senate, who has been sitting on the second stimulus bill — currently known as the Heroes Act — continues discussions about a second stimulus payment and package called the HEALS Act, which nobody likes.  And, apparently talks are now on the “brink of collapse.”

So, when may you receive your second 2020 stimulus payment?

It depends on whether you have direct deposit setup for your stimulus payment on file with the IRS. And, if you’ll be receiving a check, it will depend on your latest reported income. See more specifics below and get your Coronavirus protective gear here.

Since the government began offering stimulus checks, I have had so many people asking: “When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check?”.  In this article, I will take a further look at when you should receive your 2020 stimulus check from the government.

And, as mentioned above, it appears that a second stimulus payment may be coming your way too.  The Senate reconvened on Monday, July 20th to further discuss this second payment, which Trump suggested will be very generous, but, in the end, this is just another Trump lie — the second stimulus payment will be the same as the first for most — $1,200, recently confirmed with the release of the HEALS Act on July 27th.

A brief history of the 2020 Stimulus

With the US economy being hammered by the spreading coronavirus, serious discussions began in early March about providing a 2020 stimulus check to every American. The initial considerations were to give every American a $1,000 check (or more) within two weeks.

The government began targeting a date of April 6th to send this first stimulus check. Then, quite possibly, deliver a second $1000 check to follow on May 18th, 2020.

So what materialized from these initial meetings?

The congress passed and the President signed the deal which will provided every American earning under $75,000 a 2020 stimulus check in the amount of $1,200.  See here for 2020 stimulus check FAQs

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Richard CummingsWhen Will I Receive My Stimulus Check in 2020 [Coronavirus Updates]?

How Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA [2020 Edition]

how-much-can-i-put-in-my-roth-iraIf you are wondering, “How Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA?” in 2020, you have come to the right place. We will discuss how much you can put in your Roth IRA and various situations that may arise.

If you are unfamiliar with Roth IRAs, read more on the page entitled What Is A Roth IRA.

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Richard CummingsHow Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA [2020 Edition]

How Many Employees Does Facebook Have?

how-many-employees-does-facebook-haveHow many employees does Facebook have?

This is an easy question to answer because Facebook keeps this information up to date for us.
The number of employees at Facebook is currently just over 44,000 people.

Presumably, since they are essentially a data company, they keep all of their information up to date.

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Richard CummingsHow Many Employees Does Facebook Have?

Is Sweden A Socialist Country?

beauty-of-socialist-swedenThis morning I was investigating whether Sweden is a socialist country.   Why?  Well, having just seen many accusatory commentators on Fox News claiming that we are “becoming a socialist country like Sweden”, I decided to put on my investigative cap and do some research.

The first question that came to my mind was:  Is being like Sweden a bad thing?

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Richard CummingsIs Sweden A Socialist Country?

Roth IRA Best Rates [2020 Edition]

Roth-IRA-Best-RatesIn this article, we will take a look at the Roth IRA Best Rates and determine the Best Roth IRAs where you want to put your retirement funds.

When considering opening a Roth IRA, many people want to investigate Roth IRA best rates. However, this is not the question to really be asking. Rather, we want to know what are the best Roth IRAs in which to put our retirement funds.

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Richard CummingsRoth IRA Best Rates [2020 Edition]

Best Student Loan Consolidation | Get Out of Debt With These Trustworthy Loan Consolidation Programs

Best-Student-Loan-ConsolidationIn this article, we investigate the Best Student Loan Consolidation and the Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies that enable you to pay off your myriad school loans such as Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans.

After the fiscal credit crisis that took place 2008/2009, banks have more stringent rules regarding offering loans and, for many, it is no longer advantageous to offer student loans.

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Richard CummingsBest Student Loan Consolidation | Get Out of Debt With These Trustworthy Loan Consolidation Programs

America: The New Mexico?

america-the-new-mexicoThis essay was written in the mid-2000’s when the economies of Europe were thriving and the U.S. was unknowingly on the threshold of one of the biggest financial disasters in our history.

This essay asks an important question that is perhaps even more valid today:  Are our entrenched practices holding us back in the modern economy?

One startling example of this is the advances made in China.  As we read in the article Why California can’t compare with China, “China has built almost 30,000 kilometers of high-speed rail lines since the beginning of the century, while the US has completed virtually none.”

Obviously, our Democratic principles have a lot to do with this.   Rightfully, we are unwilling to stifle the rights of the people for progress.  But we still need to consider workable solutions because, while our people are not being stifled, our country may be.

Enjoy the article below from the early 2000’s.

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Richard CummingsAmerica: The New Mexico?