Second Stimulus Check: How much and when?

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: July 14, 2020

When will a second stimulus check arrive?Will you receive a second government stimulus check in July or August and how much will it be?

Let’s dig through the facts as we know them.

For sure, nothing will happen — literally nothing — until July 20th. Why not?

Because, while many Americans are out of work, the Senate is taking a recess for state work and will not return to federal work until July 20th.

And unfortunately passing a second stimulus package is federal work so nothing will be touched until at least July 20th.

The Senate will then have three weeks (until August 7th) to plan and deliver on a second stimulus package. If nothing is decided upon by that point, the Senate will not return to federal work until September 8th.

The Senate could have done something much earlier because a second stimulus package, known as the Heroes Act, was passed by the house on Friday May 15th.

Yes, the Senate has had a second stimulus bill sitting on their desk for the last 2 months and they have done nothing, assuming the economy would just fix itself and the coronavirus would simply disappear.

Like President Trump, they must think that ignorance and optimism will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, facts intrude on their simple solution.

As we read in this Fortune article, “No event in American history has wrecked the U.S. economy faster than the pandemic-driven recession, or pancession for short.”

And, with the Coronavirus spread exceeding 60,000 just yesterday and America shutting down again, the economic pain for many Americans will continue to increase.

So, where does that leave us with the second stimulus check? How much will it be and when will it come?

When the Senate returns to federal work next Monday, July 20th, they have the Heroes Act on their table and they could pass that and we could be getting a second stimulus check by early August. The Heroes Act provides roughly the same amount of money as the first stimulus payment, with slightly higher provisions for children. Read more here.

But there is another unfortunate reality. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell despises the Heroes Act and has vowed not to pass it.

So, if they won’t pass it, when will we get our stimulus check?

If the Senate will not pass the Heroes Act, they will need to act quickly to pass another stimulus package by August 7th, which is their last day of federal work until the beginning of September.

Let’s hope that the Senate abandons Donald Trump’s strategy of ignorance and optimism and, with eyes wide open, realizes the facts: Americans need help, not because they’re lazy and dependent, but because the government shut down the economy and put them in this situation.

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Richard CummingsSecond Stimulus Check: How much and when?

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