When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check? [Third Stimulus Check — March 2021 Updates]

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receive-government-stimulus-checkWondering if and when you’ll be receiving a third stimulus check and, even more importantly, how much will the third stimulus check be? I’ve got you covered with the latest information!

The U.S. government has been sending out stimulus checks and direct deposits since mid-April 2020 due to the Coronavirus [Covid-19].

Most of you should have received your first stimulus check by now and already ordered your Coronavirus protective gear.  As for the second stimulus check of 2020, after much debate on a bill from the House known as the Heroes Act and a counterproposal by the Senate with the HEALS Act, which nobody liked, a small stimulus check of $600 was passed for individuals making $75,000 or less. These checks went out in late December and early January.

So, when may you receive your third 2021 stimulus payment?

It depends on whether you have direct deposit setup for your stimulus payment on file with the IRS. And, if you’ll be receiving a check, it will depend on your latest reported income — see more specifics below.

Since the government began offering stimulus checks, I have had so many people asking: “When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check?”.  In this article, I will take a further look at when you should receive your latest stimulus check from the government.

As of March 13th, 2021, we have very good news to report — the third stimulus check is already on the way to many of you!

Joe Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 on Thursday which provides for a $1,400 stimulus check for all those making $75,000 or below.

A brief history of the 2020 Stimulus

With the US economy being hammered by the spreading coronavirus, serious discussions began in early March about providing a 2020 stimulus check to every American. The initial considerations were to give every American a $1,000 check (or more) within two weeks.

The government began targeting a date of April 6th to send this first stimulus check. Then, quite possibly, deliver a second $1000 check to follow on May 18th, 2020.

So what materialized from these initial meetings?

The congress passed and the President signed the deal which provided every American earning under $75,000 a 2020 stimulus check in the amount of $1,200.  See here for 2020 stimulus check FAQs

The Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin made an initial push for $250 billion in checks to Americans with further payments amounting to $500 billion four weeks later if the national emergency has not subsided.

Mnuchin, aware of the financial hit to so many, said: “Americans need cash now, and the president wants to give cash now. And I mean now, in the next two weeks.”

According to those close to the situation, the administration had not concluded exactly how much to send each American but wanted the checks to exceed $1,000 dollars if possible — we now know that number to be $1,200.

Most politicians and economists are in favor of sending checks to each American as the method of payment because the money gets into the hands of Americans who need it quickly. With other government programs like welfare, food stamps, or unemployment, you typically need to fill out forms and wait.

So, when will you receive your 2020 coronavirus stimulus check?

If you are set up with direct deposit with the IRS, you should have received your stimulus payment directly to your bank account during the week of April 13th.

Following that, around the date May 4th, the government began sending 2020 stimulus payments in the form of checks. Each week they sent 5 million checks. Those with the lowest income received their check first and they progressively moved up the scale until every qualifying American is paid.

If you are wondering about where your first 2020 stimulus payment is, you can track your payment here.

Stay tuned to this page daily as we receive more information and go here for coronavirus protective gear.

A Brief History of Stimulus Checks

They were tough economic times.  Even though the economy had shown signs of improvement, many people still needed that stimulus check in 2008 to pay for their monthly bills.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), 2009 was a better year and stimulus payments were only available to a few.

Most of the taxpayers who received a payment in 2008 did not qualify for a stimulus payment in 2009.

Those who knew they were getting a check would often ask: “when will i receive my stimulus check?”.

The answer was as follows:  Generally, you will receive your government stimulus check about 8-12 weeks after you file your tax return.

What About a Tax Refund?

In the years where the government does not provide stimulus boost, many are interested in a tax refund advance.  This will teach you how to obtain your tax refund from other sources before the government can pay.

We also have many people wondering how long does it take to get tax refund back?  This is because people need the money and they need it sooner than the bureaucracy allows.

If you are financially strapped right now, these are several ways to get money in your pocket quicker!

When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check: Summary

In summary, if you are asking when you’ll will receive your third stimulus check in 2021, the answer is that, if you have have direct deposit setup, it will arrive very soon and it will take slightly longer if they send you a check.

The government has setup a website that allows us to track our stimulus payment. Be sure to visit that page if you are still uncertain about the status of your payments.

Stay tuned to this page for more information as we will make daily updates during these unfortunate times of the coronavirus.

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Richard CummingsWhen Will I Receive My Stimulus Check? [Third Stimulus Check — March 2021 Updates]

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    1. Richard Cummings

      Robert, right now discussions point to all American adults receiving a stimulus check from the government in 2020. This coronavirus stimulus payment appears not to be tied to anything else. However, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what happens. Let’s hope you get that check! Cheers, ~R

      1. Roger hackler

        I have direct deposit my name is roger hackler I receive va benefit but have not receive my stimulus for direct deposit

  1. JennB

    so will Dept of Education take it like they did my tax check the last two years and losing my home because of them taking them without notifying me again?

  2. Chris D.

    My name is Chris D. and I live on SSD payments because of a neurological disability, which are well under 25000 a year, and I am not required to file a yearly tax return because my income is so low, will I receive a check? Or are the disabled, and the elderly just going to be forgotten about again, because we didn’t have to file taxes? Or told too bad at least you are getting your regular payment, which is not even enough to live on pay bills and eat at least once a day? Are the disabled left out again, because our income is so low?

  3. Richard P eplinski

    I am on SSI & SSD; and get an SSA-1099-Social Security Benefit Statement. Also, I get direct deposit payments of SSI & SSD. Do I have to sign up for the 2020 Stimulus Payment, or not ?


    On June 1, I received a letter from the IRS, that was signed by President Trump. It indicates “Payment Has Arrived”. However there was no check or debit card enclosed. Is it sent separately?

  5. Virgil M Thompson

    i filed 2019 taxes on April 8th, and i owed a small amount which i payed, it came out of my bank account on April 16th, haven’t received Stimulus check. i have direct deposit at my bank which i get my Social Security check deposited so far no Stimulus.

  6. Steve Charles Kenning

    The “GET MY PAYMENT” sight says my check will be mailed on Jan 6, 2021. It is now Jan 25th and the check/debit card has not arrived.

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