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put-face-on-dancing-bodyI was recently adding some how to videos to the home page of my site when I came across a web page that allows you to Put Your Face on a Dancing Body. This site is called JibJab and they not only allow you to put your face on a dancing body but you can also put your face on another body.

You know those moments that you intend to be productive and then get completely sidetracked by some new Internet thing. You will get definitely get sidetracked with jibjab. It is so much fun.

The site is very well laid out. You can do three basic things and they all allow you to put your face, and the faces of your friends (which is more fun!), in them. You can create creative birthday cards, include yourself and your friends in dancing videos, and place yourself in lots of different photos.

How To Put Your Face On a Dancing Body

The site is incredible easy to use. Sadly, although JibJab use to be free, they have now converted their site to a pay site.

You can still load up faces and see your video. And, if you know how to do a screen capture, you can get a copy of your personalized dancing video for free.

I thought that it would be difficult to add photos and isolate the head to place on the bodies. But, it is not. It’s a snap. They provide an amazing tool that makes it simple to isolate facial points and easily put your face on another body.

Not only is it easy to put your face on a dancing body but jibjab includes template faces that you can add. Thus, if you want to dance with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, your dream can now be a reality.

While I was checking out how to put your face on a dancing body, I came across a video with Johny Depp, Will Smith, Robert Pattinson, and Daniel Craig which shows you how easy it is to use. This video demonstrates what you can produce on jibjab. Though I used the included heads, it is just as easy to put your face on another body as it is to use the included ones.

Without further ado, here is the JibJab production example.

Video: Put Your Face on a Dancing Body


This is a sample video from JibJab and shows just how easy it is to put your face on a dancing body.

Put Your Face on Another Body: Summary

This site is loads of fun and SO easy to use.

Jibjab makes it easy to upload and modify faces to fit in any of their template photos (my mom might even be able to do it!).

Do you remember in the old days how you could put your face on the cover of Newsweek and how excited people were to do this? Well, jibjab is your online carnival.

If you want to Put Your Face on a Dancing Body or Put Your Face on Another Body, jibjab is the site for you. Enjoy it with your kids, friends, and loved ones. Jib-jab is a good time!

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