Ted Williams Frozen Head Hit by a Baseball Bat

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ted-williams-frozen-headCatching up on the upcoming weekend in sports on ESPN.com, I just came across a story entitled Book: Williams’ head abused at facility.

This initially may not strike you as odd if you do not know the story.

But, the “facility” in question is a cryogenics facility.  Yes, a place where dead people are frozen with the hopes of being brought back to life at some future date.

The “head” in question was detached from the body.

I was unaware that frozen people were decapitated.  After much consideration, I will no longer choose to be frozen when I die now that I am aware that they decapitate you.  What do the people expect?  That their old head will be placed on a young body when they return to life?  Won’t that look a little out of place?  Grandma’s head will be on a Kim Kardashian-like body?  This brings the term butter-face (everything is good about her but her face) to a whole new level!

The individual in question, Ted Williams, was the last major leaguer to go a full season with a .400 batting average.

Thus, an employee at the Cryogenics facility thought it would be fun to swing a wrench, as if it were a baseball bat, at the frozen head.  Ah, what fun they have at the Cryogenics facility.  Such pranksters.

In a unique twist to the story, the son, who fought tooth and nail against his sister to have their father placed there, died 2 years after his father.  He also froze himself.  He has not yet been hit by a baseball swinging wrench, but you can bet those silly folks at the lab have something up their sleeve.

This summer I sat down with my parents to watch “Hung” on HBO.  (Hung is about an unassuming teacher-basketball coach who is, well, -Hung.)  My dad commented on the oddity of the three of us watching a show of this nature:  “I just can’t imagine ever sitting down with my parents and watching a show like this.”

Times indeed do change.  Perhaps one day in the future, Ted Williams (with some dents in his head and the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger) may have a similar conversation with his son, who’s head was misplaced onto the body of Rosanne Bar.  Ah, those silly lab guys!

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Richard CummingsTed Williams Frozen Head Hit by a Baseball Bat

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