Redneck Hats You Need

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: February 16, 2020

redneck-hatsAs I have been Crackle Barrel Travelin’ through the Southern States, I came across someone my many years in California nearly made me forget:  The Southern Redneck.

We often have a bit of fun with the notion of The Redneck, but they possess highly prized ideas which can be valuable to remember.  Things like:   Beer is good, even when it’s not imported.    Go for it-she’s a second cousin.  And, of course, you don’t need to finish high school when you can get your GED.

You all have a little Redneck in you and it’s time you got in touch with it.  Rednecks have a way of telling it like it is and it’s not just because they don’t have the words to tell it another way.  We need more people in this world who just say what’s on their mind.  So, the next time that you’re tempted to dance around the truth, find that inner redneck and just tell it like it is.  Or, better yet, celebrate your inner redneck with one of the hats below!

Get a Redneck Hat!

redneck country boy looking for nice rack 
redneck says get r drunk
redneck says git r done
redneck what happens in my truck stays in my truck
redneck says i am her for the orgy
save a horse ride a redneck
redneck my deck is big
redneck only dates crack whores
hot redneck lady on baseball hat
you mess with me you mess with the whole trailerpark
rednecks think the confederates won
redneck sumbitch
redneck dates second cousin
rednecks tell it like it
redneck: like my weiner
rednecks asks what would bubba do
hit the redneck white trash bash
rednecks like their women on the trasy side
rednecks say yer purty
If you want to create your own hat like these, visit . It’s a cool site!

Or check out these redneck hats from Amazon!

Ya’ll keep it real!

Cheers, Richard

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Richard CummingsRedneck Hats You Need

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