The Saturday Morning Cup of Coffee, the Internet, and RooshV?

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Ah, that fresh cup of java on a Saturday morning.

Paul Simon just came on the stereo with his “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”  Does he really mention 50?  I don’t have time to check.  But if you’re really bored, and don’t want to read What To Do On the Internet When I’m Bored, you can listen to Paul Simon’s 50 ways and read lyrics at the same time.  When you’re done, let us know whether there are really 50.

Speaking of numbered lists, and seeing as how today is a rather lame day in the sports world (next week will be a different story with the Ryder Cup), perhaps I will just peruse the Internet and find websites that may interest you.  I am at your service.

How many websites will I offer you today?  Should I call this post the 10 Websites You Should Read?  No, everyone uses the #10 as I did in 10 Reasons I Would Rather Be Jimmy Buffet than Warren Buffet9 then?  Well, what is the significance of 9?  In 9 months a woman could go from getting pregnant to having a baby-we’ll nix the idea of 9.  8?  As Barack just said in the Democratic convention, EIGHT IS ENOUGH.  7?  Stephen Covey already used the # 7 in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People6?  Nope-two more of those and you’ve got the number of the beast.  5?  Not in the mood for prime numbers.  4?  Four represents the number of gospels and today’s site recommendation might not be so holy.  3?  Can’t do that.  I’m reminded of the girl who said to me The One Thing a Woman Shouldn’t Say.  2?  A word that is spelled so many ways (to, too, and two) is not worthy of consideration–you should not be able to spell a word in more ways than the word means.  Which leaves us with one.  One suffers the same indignity that I just mentioned with two, but it’s at the top of the list and therefore, one has won. 

Here is the one website that you should check out this weekend. 

rooshv website review

I came across Roosh’s website a while back while I was searching for interesting tidbits on South America.  Since he has several entries on South America, his site popped up in the search engines.  Little did I know I had stumbled upon a site whose byline is:  Dating and travel blog that focuses on girls and how to pick up them in bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc.

So, Roosh writes significantly about picking up women with a portion of his writings specifically about picking up women in foreign countries. 

I’ll confess.  After I came across RooshV’s website, I spent hours there.  As a guy, it’s always interesting reading about male conquests.  As a woman, Roosh’s opinion might piss you off as you read My Unsafe Sex Rationalization List  or the article entitled Respecting Women in which he says:

Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that? Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it. A woman you meet does not deserve the benefit of the doubt until she proves herself.

American girls will be especially pissed off as he Adjusts A Girl’s Rating Based On Her Nationality.  American girls get downgraded from a 7 to a 5.5 while Brazilian girls get bonus points. 

Though I don’t agree with all the Rooshisms, his stories are usually very entertaining and you’ll find a surprising amount of self-deprecating candor in articles such as  I Felt Ashamed.

My predictions on how you will react to RooshV, according to your life situation, are as follows:

Single Guys:  You’ll read it and the Wedding Crashers line will come to mind…”livin’the dream man, livin’the dream”. 

Married Guys:  You’ll think exactly the same thing, but if your wife is near, you’ll have to say something like:  “I can’t believe he disrespects women like that.”

Single Girls:  If you’re American, it’ll piss you off.  If you’re Brazilian or Argentine, you’ll love it as Roosh sings your praises.  But, we should segment single girl reactions more:

If you’re a single party girl, you’ll probably think, I would like to party with this guy. 

If you’re a single “good girl”, you’ll think “what an as*hole!”  But do you know what, good girls?  If you met Roosh in a coffe shop, I’d bet 10 to 1 he’d be able to pick you up.

Married Girls:  We’ll put you in the same category as the “good girls” but reduce the chances that Roosh would be able to get you down to 2 to 1.

Divorced Women:  You fall under the same category as the party girls mentioned above.

That’s probably enough stereotyping for one morning.  Plus, my coffees almost out.  Read RooshV…you’ll react.

Roosh, if you ever read this, let’s hit the bars down in South America some night! 



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Richard CummingsThe Saturday Morning Cup of Coffee, the Internet, and RooshV?

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  2. Roosh

    I’m game. Early next year I’ll be back down there, colombia then probably brazil. Once you go brazilian, it’s hard to go back.

    PS. Thanks for the review!

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