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The Best VPN for Bank of America [2020 Updates]

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: June 23, 2020

Bank of America VPN AccessIn this article, I’m going to tell you the best VPN software to use if you are a customer of Bank of America.

One of my gripes about VPN services is that they all generally claim to work with every website and, unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

For example, my go-to VPN for the last 3 years has been NordVPN.  NordVPN generally works with most websites, and I particularly like NordVPN with YouTube TV, but here’s what happens when I go to the Bank of America website when I’m using NordVPN.

NordVPN and BofA

This is particularly annoying because one of the reasons that we use VPNs is for added security and privacy.  And yet, when I am using the leading VPN software, I cannot access the Bank of America website.

And, as an end-user, when would you think I would value security and privacy most?  Exactly, when I am doing my online banking.

Additionally, if you find yourself overseas, you may have noticed that your Bank of America options are severely limited if you are accessing the site from abroad. Let’s say you want to deposit a check remotely — this functionality is removed if you’re accessing the Bank of America website from abroad.

However, with a good VPN that works with Bank of America, you can use the Bank of America website as if you were in the United States.

Sidenote: Do all of these companies that limit international access not realize the world we live in today…that hundreds of thousands of people cross borders regulary? Very frustrating!

So, whether you want to access the Bank of America website with a VPN for added security or access abroad, you need a VPN that allows you to access the Bank of America website seamlessly.

And the best VPN that works with BofA is ExpressVPN.

Accessing the Bank of America Website with a VPN: A Demonstration

As mentioned, one of my primary annoyances with VPN services is that they claim to work with all websites and you don’t find out that this is not true until after you have purchased them.

Make sure you read my VPN buying strategies to avoid this problem.

Let me demonstrate to you today by way of video how to access the Bank of America website using ExpressVPN and prove to you that ExpressVPNworks with BofA.

How To Access the Bank of America Website (BofA) with a VPN [Video]

This video explains and demonstrates how to access the Bank of America Website with a VPN.

Hope this video has helped some of you out there who want to access your BofA site using a VPN for more security and privacy and/or for those accessing BofA abroad.

Cheers, Richard

PS: You know I love your feedback so, if you have any comments, leave them below!

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Richard CummingsThe Best VPN for Bank of America [2020 Updates]

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