A Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

In a Star is Born, we have the actor Bradley Cooper playing a singer and the singer Lady Gaga acting.  Did this role reversal work?  Were they able to pull off a great movie?  Read on to find out!

First, a disclaimer:  I’m not impartial — I am a huge fan of both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I’ve always respected Lady Gaga’s independent spirit and enjoyed her music.  And, Bradley Cooper  has an equally interesting backstory.    Did you know he speaks fluent French and wanted to be Ninja?

And then, I watched the preview for the movie, and BOOM – there’s Dave Chappelle acting.  A singer, an actor, a comedian?  All my favorites!  What’s not to love?  I’m so in.

But, viewer beware, high expectations are often the death knell for a movie.  Even if it’s good, you’re disappointed as you expected great.

I went to see A Star is Born the first day I could.

So what did I think?

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Richard CummingsA Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?
a review of unbroken

Unbroken Review: A Torturous Movie That May Leave You Broken.

a review of unbroken

A Torturous Movie?

There are various predispositions and expectations one has when they enter a movie. Have you seen lots of previews? Do you adore or respect one or many of the actors? Do know what the movie is about before walking in the theater? These pre-sentiments can have a vital impact on what you will think of the final result.

In the case of Unbroken, I knew practically nothing about the film prior to entering the theater. I only had vague notions that this was a movie made by Angelina Jolie about (I thought) some sort of great American hero who triumphs against all odds (see trailer below).


Then, the movie begins and, for a brief time, my preconceived notions are confirmed. In the main character, Louis “Louie” Zamperini, we discover a rambunctious young boy, an Italian immigrant in America, who is always up to no good and feels that he is unworthy of being great. His older brother intervenes, however, and teaches Louie that he is special and can do great things. With his older brother’s help and inspiration, Louie builds his character and his physique to become an aspiring Olympic track star; he is chosen to represent America in the Olympics in Germany in 1936, where he will earn a 3rd place metal, and in Japan in 1940.

Then life and war intervene to derail Louie’s life path and, in my opinion, the movie. He enlists in the military and is commissioned as a bombardier in the Pacific Islands during World War II. Great, I thought, I am usually intrigued by movies about World War II with their stories of battles, heroism, and redemption. Read More

Richard CummingsUnbroken Review: A Torturous Movie That May Leave You Broken.

Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon

Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon Many out there want to know the Top Movies Of Kevin Bacon


Well, many of you probably like Kevin Bacon and simply have an interest in his films while the others want to get good at the game “6 Degrees From Kevin Bacon“.  If you have lived on another planet, this game is a variation on the notion of 6 Degrees of Separation whereby you can connect yourself to anybody in the world within 6 people. 
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Richard CummingsTop Movies Of Kevin Bacon
latest movies to come to DVD

A List of the Latest DVD Movies & New Releases

< ?php include(""); ?>Since I am a huge movie fan, I have compiled this page called DVD Movies New Releases for everyone who wants to have immediate access to a list of new DVD releases.

The list of popular new DVD releases below was put together for you today, < ?php print(Date("l F d, Y"))?>. I do this automatically with a little bit of technical ingenuity ;) The picture you see to your left is the top DVD rental at this very moment!

Below, you will find the movie or television DVD release ranking, movie box cover, movie stats, latest movie review, and the overall rating given to the movie.

My favorite part is the new DVD release movie reviews. It’s always amazing to me the different perspectives people have: one person will hate it and another will love. This diversity is what makes the reviews so interesting. Since these reviews are automated, you can sometimes reload the page and see an entirely different review. Pretty cool, huh?
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Richard CummingsA List of the Latest DVD Movies & New Releases

What Do You Think of This Man?

I am going to describe a man to you and I just want to know what your thoughts of him are.

This man is 38 years old, has a terrific job, and many friends.  On top of all that, he has an attractive loving wife who has faithfully been by his side for the last 11 years.  Together, they have recently decided to have their first baby together.

One morning, sensing that he is 38 and hasn’t really “lived”, he wakes, looks at his wife, and out of the blue tells her that he is leaving and wants out of their 11 year marriage without explanation, other than he need to “live”.  He essentially leaves her crying with no answers and walks out the door.

What is the first thing that he does?  He gets a girlfriend, a young one, much younger that his wife, 14 years younger in fact.  After bedding her for about 6 months, Read More

Richard CummingsWhat Do You Think of This Man?

Top Actresses Of The 1980’s

Ah, I love this topic.  The 80’s are my growing up time.  Take a walk down memory lane with me as we review the Top Actresses Of The 1980’s.

Top Actresses Of The 1980’s

Phoebe Cates

Who can forget the scene from Fast Times?  Not me!  Take a look at the images of Phoebe Cates for a visual stroll down memory lane.  You may want to turn off safe search :).   She has received acclaim for several roles in movies and broadway but I’ll always remember her for Fast Times.  Read more about what Phoebe Cates is up to
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Richard CummingsTop Actresses Of The 1980’s