The Book of Eli: Is Eli Blind?

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: February 25, 2020

book-of-eli-reviewI just noticed that the Book of Eli is number one on the latest list of DVD Movies New Releases.

I saw this movie in the theaters when it came out and remember a discussion that ensued afterward: Is Eli blind in the movie? After visiting the Book of Eli IMDB page, I realize that many people have this question.

As Schwatime points out in the IMDB post called Why the Ending Should Make You Blind With Rage, there is multiple evidence to support both sides. This pissed her/him (what gender is the name Schwatime?) off to the point where he/she concludes “This is a crappy film made by lazy filmmakers.”

Get over it gender challenged person–The Book of Eli was a quality movie…and I don’t even like these kind of movies. I never even saw the Road Warrior Mad Max movies which spearheaded all of these types of flicks. (I really don’t need to now though as Mel Gibson has become a real life road warrior.)

Anyway, I fully recommend The Book of Eli, but just want your opinion: Was Eli Blind in the movie? Yes or No?

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Richard CummingsThe Book of Eli: Is Eli Blind?

Comments 3

  1. Tim

    Eli is definitely blind in the movie. It’s hard to see how he did those things while being blind but I think he is meant to be blind in the movie.

  2. Elizabeth

    Yes, Eli is blind. There’s no way a real blind person could do the things Eli could do in the movie, but this is fiction, not a reality show. This movie is a sort of superhero tale, so just as people can’t really fly yet Superman could fly, Eli could do non-human things though real blind people haven’t been able to thus far.

  3. Bronson

    Eli is blind, if you watch the movie properly you will notice that Eli never looks people directly in the eye, he carries the bible which he reads everyday for 30 years in brail and is a modern day prophet. As quoted by him multiple times in the movie ” I walk by faith and not by sight.” He carries with him the only remaining copy of the lords holy book, that is infact the earths only chance of eternal survival and salvation. I believe that Book of Eli was an amazing film, but also that it had just that something extra for Christian viewers that made it exceptional

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