What Would You Do For Five Dollars?

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What would you do for five dollars?

Over the weekend, I had a boring technical task that I needed to accomplish and I searched the Internet to see if there were people out there who did it.  Maybe they like to do it; I didn’t.

This search led me to a website called Fiverr.com: “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.”

After finding someone to do what I needed done for $5, I began to wonder…just what are people willing to do for $5? It turns out that in this economy people are willing to do a whole lot of things for $5.

Naturally, because I am male and programmed to thing about sex and relationships (not necessarily in that order) every 7 seconds, I began to wonder just what people out there are willing to do for $5.  A simple word came to my mind:  boobs.  I know it’s old school but it carries with it some innocence and the two central “oo’s” that make it visually onomonopiac–that’s my new term for when a word looks like the thing that it is describing.

So, off we go and we quickly discover that the wonderful ladies of the world are willing to do a lot of show and tell for $5.  Let’s have a look at just the first page of results.

what would you do for five dollars

And that was just the first page of results–there were many more!  But five dollars for some of those assets?  I guess that it is the law of supply and demand and supply is not losing the battle.

So, I played around with some more words and found out everything that people are willing to do for $5.  I hope these things don’t take too long…are people aware that the minimum wage is $8 an hour?.  If someone makes a personalized video for me (which a lot of people will do), that might take at least an hour or more.

Anyway, it’s an interesting website and definitely something you may want to check out if you are ever bored on the Internet.

Here’s the site again: Fiverr.com–“The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.”

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Richard CummingsWhat Would You Do For Five Dollars?

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