One Thing a Woman Should Never Divulge

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woman-embarrassedCan a woman say something that may cause a man to leave her rather quickly? If so, this might be that thing.

If you are single, you may be able to relate to what I am about to say.  If you are married, it may be somewhat more foreign.

When you are a single man, you tend to do a lot of dating…or hopefully you do.  Dating is fun and exciting and sometimes you allow yourself to be open to many choices.

It so happened that one night I was out on a blind date. The girl I was with was not exactly my type.  She was short and ill-defined.  She thought herself attractive based largely on the idea that she had large breasts.  And I have to give it to her…she did have that.  But beyond that, I found myself conversing with someone with whom I had nothing in common.
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I found myself at that point.  You single guys and gals know.  That point where you can deceive yourself, and her, that the night is going really well.  That deception point will allow for later possibilities if you find yourself so inclined.

And I decided that I was not so inclined.  A high level of physical attraction allows you to overlook many qualities in someone you may find deficient.  I was not at that point with her in spite of her large assets.  I did have that feeling for the bartender-a tall 6 foot blonde with whom we had both (me and my date) been talking.

I said to my date, “Oh, one sec, I have to send my buddy a text.”  I then texted the bartender who was standing right in front of us (she had given me her # to play tennis sometime).

I texted her this:  “I’m sitting right in front of you so pretend like this text is just from one of your friends.  I think that you’re beautiful and I would love to play tennis with you, take you to dinner, or just walk with you one night and talk about life.  I’m not really with the girl that I am with and I would love the person sitting next to me to be you.  Can it be you next to me tomorrow?”

She played it extremely cool which was very hot.  Fifteen minutes later, my date had to use the restroom.  The bartender approached me and said, “I can’t believe that you would text me when you are sitting there with someone else, on a date!  Don’t you think that that is kind of rude?”

“Yes,” I said.


“Yes, it is.  And I hate that I did that.  But I did and I could not help it.  Can you forgive me?”

“Maybe,” she said with a beautiful smile.

“How ‘bout we discuss my behavior Monday night over a tennis match?”

“Ok, call me Monday.  I’ll need to think about this though.”  She had to feign reluctance.  After all, the manner in which I approached her was not exactly befitting the behavior of a gentlemen.

However, there is that thing.  That thing when someone does the rather unthinkable to get your attention.  It’s a turn-on.  However, in the future, you know that you’ll always be looking at that person when they’re talking to the next bartender.  Is he doing it again?
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Monday, after tennis, we realized we needed a further workout and went back to my place.  This was the beginning of a great three-month relationship, a realtionship that lasted until she divulged that one thing that you should never divulge.

Initially, she was exactly the type that I was interested in:  tall blond beauty, athletic, fun, smart, and perhaps most important, from the midwest.  Being from the midwest, there is just something honest and appealing about midwestern girls, especially ones who have travelled beyond the plains.

We laughed; we watched movies, we travelled to the mountains and the wine country; we played lots of tennis and spent many nights together.  Everything seemed perfect.

And then one night, walking home from a dinner in San Francisco, it came up.  It normally would have been great.  It normally would have been rather a turn-on.  It normally would have led to healthy alternative practices.

A girl of about 27 walked by.  She was beautiful from head to toe.  There is scarcely a straight man who would not have ventured some glance.  I tried to avert my eyes but my midwestern girl may have caught me peaking.  What can you do?

“Did you like what you saw?” she asked.

She was not the jealous type for a couple of reasons:  She knew that I was attracted to her and had no more than a passing interest in other women.  Also, she was confident with herself and was just not the jealous type.

But the way she said it…did you like what you saw?…carried more meaning than the actual words.

“What do you mean?” I ventured.

She said, “did you think she was attractive?”

“Of course she was attractive,” I said.  “If a man did not think this way, you should question his sexuality.”

“Would you ever do a threesome with us and another girl?”  She asked with a sly smile.

Hmmm.  Am I being lured into something here I wondered?  But she’s not that way. From what I know, she doesn’t play games like that.  She was just making fun, sexy conversation.

How to answer?  As we had a history of honesty in our brief relationship, I answered honestly:  “If you wanted to, I would.  Yes.  I won’t lie; yes.”

Most men purport that this is their fantasy.  Upon closer inspection, most of them would not have a threesome with a girl that they really cared about and another women.  Their possessiveness, their masculinity, prevents this.

I am not so pre-disposed.  If my girlfriend wanted this, I would acquiesce.  Though more than one women seemed like a burden for the man in HBO’s Big Love, I like risks.  And this would be a risk I was willing to take.

So I said, “Have you ever done a 3-some?”

She said “yes” without elaboration.

“Well, tell me about it.”

It was just one night after a few too many cocktails, she responded.

This was unlike her; I felt as though she was not revealing everything.

“Did you like it?”, I continued.

“Yeah,” she said, “it was an experience.”

“Well,” I pleaded,  “Who was it?  Where did you find her?  What did you do to her…or her to you?”.

And then the response came.  The one thing you should never reveal to any man that you want a serious relationship with.  And she revealed it.  Worse, she revealed it with an odd sense of pride and a smile.

“Ït wasn’t another girl.”

The relationship, for all intents and purposes, ended at that very moment.  This girl who I had a fondness for hooked up with two guys at one time…and took pride in it…like a guy would.

Now, I wanted details.  I pretended not to reveal to her that the relationship in the last one minute had ended, completely and unequivocally.

“How does that even work?” I asked.

Obviously I have an imagination, but I wanted to hear straight from my future girlfriend’s mouth.

“Well, you know,” she said, “one in the front and one in the back…”

I was repulsed, absolutely repulsed, and oddly a bit turned on by this.  That night we would have a very exciting, aggressive encounter.  But it would be the last time…

…because she said the one thing a girl should never say.

“One in the front…and one in the back???”

…and this one out the door!

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Richard Cummings

Richard Cummings is a writer, traveler, and web content developer.

Get your copy of his latest book entitled Obvious Conclusions, stories of a Midwestern emigrant influenced and corrupted by many years living in San Francisco and abroad. It just received its first outstanding review "...reminiscent of David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs" on Amazon UK.
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Richard CummingsOne Thing a Woman Should Never Divulge

Comments 15

  1. Rodrigo

    “it wasn´t another girl”!!!!!!!! oh my gosh!!!! that´s really disappointing to hear from somebody who you care about, gee rich that must have been very tough…i give you my condolences..

  2. Eric

    Ah, sounds like a wonderful relationship! Now let’s do a little calculation: three months, hmmmmm…that is about 100 days, isn’t it? Sounds perfect!

  3. Kim

    So what she did a threesome? Big deal! If you were enjoying her company and the relationship that shouldn’t even be an issue. She wasn’t cheating on you, and her past is the past. What she said shouldn’t have been a big deal. What if you did a threesome in the past or anything like that? Wouldn’t you be hurt if she wanted to dump you over something so superficial? Think about it.

  4. Trina

    So it would have been different if she was with another woman and did the same things? Or what if you were with two women? Would that be okay? That was a bad choice for a bad reason.

  5. Spash!

    I am with the girls on this one. Very poor question, you got the truth you asked for and you can’t handle it.

    Being a boy with a threesome behind me, I bring no judgment to this table.

    I can only say when looking for nothing with nobody, I commiserate with good sister over outrageous flirting by married yet free over the weekend bad sister, thinking driving BAD idea, given our condition, walking into apartment for breakfast bad sister whispers “sometimes, don’t you just want a leetle more?” I say nothing while good sister cooks, bad sister flips up her skirt at me, I can only take so much being hampered with an XY chromosone issue, so we both attack good sister out of the kitchen, rock and roll all night long and shower in the morning. She told me not to fall in love, has kids, all NSA business, and I knodded knowingly, hey, fine by me. Hey. It was. Liked it. Gimme more “experience,” Please. I can handle it gracefully. Just no kids, and no disease. Other than that, lets rock and roll.

  6. Been There

    Richard, I have been in your shoes. I was with a woman for 3 and 1/2 years who divulged to me she had been “double teamed” on two different occassions in her life. I’m talking about two different sets of men. And she was very boastful about it. It bothered me the entire time we were together. I wish I had done what you did – ended it on the spot. I never looked at her the same again. I don’t begrudge her for what she did; I just didn’t want to know about it. I have discussed this with a number of my male friends and they all felt the same way. It’s a turn-on……until the woman in the story happens to be the woman you love.

  7. Dora

    Of course you are chauvinist! when you were with the first girl at the restaurant, you texted the waitress and that was ok. (first sign of your chauvinism) Then, later on time, when the waitress talked about 3, and you thought girl-girl-man, that was acceptable, (second sign of chauvinism), but since it was not according to what was in your mind, then she is the worst woman in the world…. that even happened when you were not together, so, yes, you are chauvinist.

  8. Richard


    I liked your response…It was very logical and well thought out…are you certain of your gender? 😉


    To those others above, like the one who responded “insecure much”, I am not so sure this is a matter of insecurity or security but of perhaps wanting a modicum of purity in the women you are with.

    Don’t believe me?

    Test it out: If you are in a relationship with a man, tell him you were tag teamed and give him details. We’ll see how much he respects you thereafter.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am all for experimentation if one so desires. Men do it. Why shouldn’t women?

    However–ladies–if you have gone down that path, I probably would not inform someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Yeah, I know, total honesty BLAH BLAH BLAH, but do you want to risk a good relationship just to share your one or few wild sexcapades?

    Really, if he’s imagining you walking down the aisle to take his hand in marriage, do you want to change that image to you on all fours with all of your orifices stuffed?

    Now, I have got to go…I have two women waiting for me in the shower 😉

  9. Shawn

    I just wanted to say… wow …. i’ve been in something like this before.. i’m bisexual so i’ve had plenty of three somes with guys and girls alike.. (not saying i take it up the back because thats just disgusting and most likely extremely painful) but its true the girls that i’ve been with like that i would never date. They are wh**ish nasty chonchburgers. I’m currently in a relationship that i want to be in for a while and really hope it goes somewhere. I’m just shocked it doesn’t bother her that i’ve done s**t like that and yet it would bother me ??

  10. Michael

    So, let’s see… for a woman to have had sex with 2 of the opposite sex at the same time, an MFM, makes her a sl*t, but if it had been FMF it would have been okay. I wonder if FFF would have made her a sl*t too. And for a guy, it’s perfectly okay to have sex with 2 of the opposite sex, an FMF. So, would the “proper” 3some for a guy to have be an MFM?

    Typical insecure male crap. Men are -VERY- fragile sexually and can’t stand the thought that there woman might have loved sex as much as they do before he came along. Well grow up.

    And personally? I -love- watching the woman I care about enjoy herself with 2, 3, 5 men at the same time. She loves sex, loves the male member, why shouldn’t I “let” her have fun? Besides, she’s coming home with me.

    Grow up guys. Girls like sex, even before they knew you.

  11. JoeJoe

    If a man and woman truly love eachother then this shouldn’t be an issue. I have been married to the same beautiful woman for 17 years and we both had extremely promiscuous pasts. She was double teamed on a few occasions and I had 3sums with numerous women. Does that automatically mean we can’t care for eachother? I say bull shit. You probably missed out on a great thing. Sounds like YOUR loss!

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