Canadian Lapdancing Teachers Now Out of a Job

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Canadian Teachers LapdancingTwo Canandian Teachers, who saw fit to give each other a lapdance for their schools “teacher’s performance” have now been fired after the video was widely distributed on the Internet.

I just read about this here on Yahoo.

Initially, I thought, “Well, this is a shame, because they are teaching valuable skills to the future generations…especially the girls who do not pay attention in class and will need other means to make top dollar.”

With great enthusiasm, and of course lots of sadness for the unfortunate developments that befell the teacher/lapdancers, I seeked out the video on YouTube.  Watch it below.

To my dismay, one was a guy. You simply cannot use the term “lapdancer” for a guy–it’s disingenuous, and leads well-meaning people like myself to YouTube only to see photos of a heavy man “lapdancing”. However, while at YouTube, I did realize that the “related videos” were not so bad ;)

Aside from the fact that one of the teachers was a guy, what kind of message are we sending to our kids? That lapdancing is bad? Here are 10 reasons that we need lapdancing in America.

10 Reasons We Need Lapdancers

  1. The Sopranos would never have existed without Lapdancers. Where do you think Tony got his money? How would you have spent Sunday nights for those 5 years of your life, huh?
  2. Guys on their bachelor party would have to find alternatives…and they’d be worse. Can you say The Bunny Ranch?
  3. The drug industry would plummet with all the cash-laden strippers not needing to stay up all night.
  4. Many plastic surgeons would lose their jobs.
  5. Guys in Texas wouldn’t have anywhere to watch sports.
  6. Tiger Woods recreational activities would be severely compromised.
  7. Your husband would have to find another lunch buffet.
  8. Sales of bleach would decline. Did you really think that the carpet matched the curtains?
  9. The pole in my apartment would go unused (unless that Canadian Guy visited).
  10. What happens in Vegas wouldn’t have to stay in Vegas!

YouTube Video of Canadian Teachers Lapdancing

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Richard CummingsCanadian Lapdancing Teachers Now Out of a Job

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