I’m All Out of Love: A Must-See Video

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Tonight, as I was coming home from a night out, I was–for some odd reason–humming the old song from Air Supply:  “I’m All Out of Love” while laughing with my  girl friend (both kind of drunk) who immediately knew the song and we were wondering about what ever happened to Air Supply.  We must, we thought, look for this video when we get home.

So, what did we find?  Here it is:

I’m All Out of Love – Air Supply [crying in the shower video]


Bill’s all out of love. Poor kid.

Ok, this video needs some evaluation, no?

First of all, I would assume perhaps that I am among just a few people who is searching for the song “I’m All Out of Love” by Air Supply but NO. There have been more than 400,000 people who have watched this video.

400,000 watching some college student in his collegiate raincoat showering to this song. Is it unnatural for me to find this curious?

Oftentimes, the comments on YouTube intrigue me much more than the actual video. With this video, a large portion of the viewing audience complains that this guy is wasting water. Others simply call him a loser while some girls are like, “I want a guy this sensitive.”

As I watched the video, the first thing that I wondered was “Where is VC?” What college is it? And why are the guys there so miserable?

Well, it turns out that VC can mean many things: Ventura College–get your associates degree!, Virginia College, Vancouver College…I didn’t want to take the time to cross-check the logos with the colleges because (A) I don’t care and (B) I want to get back to my cocktails.

One person commented:

After watching this video for a couple of years, I have been thinking ….
May be you should remove the raincoat, slumped sitting on a chair in the shower, and holding on to a red classic rotary-dial telephone next to your head, with your clothes all soaking wet without protection from a raincoat … then you would look more believable as being all out of love.

Someone has been watching this video for a couple of years? This gets me thinking…you might want to reevaluate your life…

Seriously though, in a cheezy way, I love Air Supply but not enough to make a miserable shower video.

Another person added:

this is disturbing, way to kill a song

Not so! Isn’t this why the song was written? We have all been in this situation, feeling sorrow over a broken heart.

I, for one, love this video. Would I have made a video of me in a raincoat taking a shower listening to Air Supply? Absolutely not. But I might do everything but take the video!

I applaud this VC student who put his sorrow on display for the rest of the world to see. You go raincoat boy! Has your broken heart healed?

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Richard CummingsI’m All Out of Love: A Must-See Video

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