Please Sign This Sexual Consent Form Before You Do Me

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sexual-consent-contractIn talking with some of my recent college graduate friends about sex in college now-a-days, one girl mentioned to me that the participants had to sign a sexual consent legal form before actually having sex.

Excuse Me? 

In our discussions, a few of the gals mentioned that they had had drunk sex a few times that they could scarcely remember.  So, if the guy, presumably also drunk, does not get the girl to sign the sexual consent form, can he then be accused of rape?  Or, better yet, could he accuse her of rape?

The whole idea seems well-intentioned but the implementation of this idea seems rather impossible and could lead to many false accusations and the destruction of the reputations of many young college kids.

But, most importantly, it would ruin the sex 🙂

Dave Chappelle and The Sexual Consent Form


Dave Chapelle’s take on the sexual consent form.

Video: Sexual Consent Form


Sexual Consent Form: What’s allowed? Let’s invite the lawyers into the bedroom!

Other Notes and Links About the Sexual Consent Form:

1.) Pros & Cons of The Sexual Consent Form

A lot of people search the Internet for the “pros and cons for the age of sexual consent“.

Who’s asking this?  Are there that many people who think that there are cons for the age of sexual consent?  I wonder…are all of these men who want to be with women younger than 18?  Or, maybe, there are a bunch of closeted Debra LaFave’s out there who want to have sex with young men?  (Whew, she’s hot.  Did you look at the pictures?  I would allow her to corrupt me at say…10,11,12,13,14,15,16, and/or 17.  I know people say this would have long term affects on a young boy.  I say, Absolutely, and they all would all be positive  🙂

2.) A Copy of the Sexual Consent Form [PDF Version]

I searched for the actual sexual consent form because I wanted to see what it
said.  It was tough to find because when you search for “sexual consent form”, you’ll find many comments on how silly the idea of the sexual consent form is.  It’s good to see that people still have a sense of humor.

If you want to read it, here is a PDF copy of a sexual consent form.   I don’t know if this is the official one used at universities but it looks to be official.

I had two thoughts about it:  (One) There is a portion for you to add your own activities entitled:  Other consensual sexual conduct to be specified: Gee, any guesses what that could be? And (2), either partner, gee who would this be?, can yell code red and the other participant has to stop immediately.

Perhaps you can go find a wealthy billionaire, have them sign the form, and then right at the end, at that moment, yell “Code Red” just as they’re about to release, and you’ll have the evidence all over you of their violation 🙂

3.) The Age of Sexual Consent in Your State

I always assumed that Sexual Age Consent in America is 18.

But, you know what, it’s not!  There’s one state where the age of consent for females is just 14.  Can you guess it?  If you were thinking a Southern State, you were right.  It’s South Carolina (they’ve since made the age 16 but Dusty, who works at Backwoods Fishing, says that’s Hogwash!).

Check out the legal age of sexual consent in your state.

tips for a better sex life

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Richard CummingsPlease Sign This Sexual Consent Form Before You Do Me

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  1. Anna

    My college has tried to implement the sexual consent form. Doesn’t really work though. We all get drunk…stuff happens you know. There’s no time for a form. I am gonna try it one time though to just see what happens!

  2. Lyne Achevez

    This video is AMAZING, I LOVE IT!!!!

    It’s actually very funny as without even knowing it, I recently asked someone to provide me with a dating contract. He didn’t really like it at the beginning but is still seeing me eventually… I was the only girl he even met, daring asking him something like that, as a real business man he is, it must have excited him a little bit…

    Richard, you always pick up hot actually topics, you’re fantastic! I’ll definitely write an article soon on that, with my french female point of view 😉
    Take care

  3. meagan

    Getting a written consent paper isimportant when the parents of the 17 year-old you are making love to are saying if anything goes wrong with his son that I get arrested for statutory rape. So yeah sexual consent papers are important.

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