The Best Poems of the English Language: A Review

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The-Best-Poems-of-the-English-Language-ReviewIf you’re not familiar with the book The Best Poems of the English Language, you may be missing a chance to drastically improve your love life!

I always have a book of poetry by my bed.  Ok, yes, that me seem a completely prop, a ruse.

But, I swear, it’s not.

In college, my teacher challenged me to memorize 10 poems of substantial length.  If I did, I would get no lower than a B.  Perfect, I thought, I will do this and nothing else.  I’m comfortable with a B.  I’m an English major after all, who cares what my grade point will be when I graduate?

I memorized the 10 poems and it was not easy, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.  I gained a much greater understanding of each poem and poetry in general.

Poems comment on the poetry of life (Ayn Rand might not like them-they’re so unreasonable).  Love, Celebration, Jealousy, Depression-poetry is filled with all types of emotion.

In later years, this contributed greatly to my thoughts on Active Learning, which I write about in my post Learning Spanish-Spanish Verbs.  Until you can say something out loud (without reference to a book), you don’t know it.  As a trainer for many years, I employed this concept.

Knowing poetry may also assist you in other life endeavors.  If you throw out a poem, it arouses curiosity.  Where did that come from?

Several years back, I had a “visitor’ in my apartment.  As many girls do, she was analyzing me by the contents in my bedroom.  She saw the poetry book and immediately said:

“Oh my God, what a prop!”

“No, no, I said, I really enjoy poetry”

“Really? Name one poem in this book.”

“Not only can I do that, I can recite a poem from that book.”

“Really, which one?”

“Pick one.”


I was taking a gamble by saying Pick One, knowing that I could only recite about 20% of the poems.  But I’m a gambler by nature and she was already at my place.

“This one,” she said.

I began, ” Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a-flying…”

We had a great night and an even better morning 🙂

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Richard CummingsThe Best Poems of the English Language: A Review

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