Web Portal for Direct Deposit of Second 2020 Stimulus Check [October Updates]

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direct deposit stimulus checksWant to get your second 2020 stimulus check quicker than the first?  Here is show to get setup with direct deposit for the second stimulus payment.

There is a web portal to submit your direct deposit information to the IRS and, if you did not get it set up in time for the first stimulus check, you may want to setup direct deposit for the second stimulus payment, which will happen if the Heroes Act (read summary) or an equivalent passes the Senate, who are still negotiating as of October, 2020.

It might not be surprising that many people are confused as to whether their 2020 stimulus check will be direct deposited or if they will be receiving a check.

One of the reasons for this is that there are actually two web portals (discussed below) which can be very confusing.

Obviously, most people would prefer to have their stimulus checks direct deposited so that they get the money in their bank accounts more quickly.

So let’s take a look at how you can do your best to have your stimulus check direct deposited in your bank account as opposed to waiting for a stimulus check, which may take a significant amount of time — see when will I get my 2020 stimulus check?

We’ll begin by taking a look at those who will have their stimulus check direct deposited by default and then take a look at the two web portals that are available to report your direct deposit information. The second web portal for direct deposit is the one that will be of interest to the majority of people.

Who Will Have Their Stimulus Check Direct Deposited by Default

On their Economic Impact Payments page, the IRS tells us that the stimulus payments will be “automatic for most taxpayers” and that “no further action is needed by taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 and 2019 and most seniors and retirees.”

But if you do nothing, your 2020 stimulus check may not be direct deposited.

Why not?

Only those who are currently set up for direct deposit will have their stimulus checks direct-deposited by default.

And fortunately for these people, they will be the first ones to receive Coronavirus stimulus money.

The First Web Portal for Direct Deposit of Stimulus Payments

The first web portal, which exists today, it’s for those people who are classified by the IRS as non-filers.

A non-filer is someone who did not file tax returns in either 2018 or 2019 because their income was under $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples) or because they were not required to file their taxes for some other reason.

Non-filers should visit this web portal to enter their payment information.

The Second Web Portal for Direct Deposit of 2020 Stimulus Payments

This second web portal for direct deposit information for your stimulus checks is for those who did file their taxes but for whom the government does not currently have their direct deposit information.

This web portal to provide your direct deposit information became available in mid-April 2020.   It can be accessed by clicking here.


When you first access the IRS stimulus  payment portal, you may receive a “Please Wait” message saying “Due to high demand, you may have to wait longer than usual to access this site” as you see in the image below:


Following the Please Wait page, you will be greeted with this government warning page:


Finally, you get to the step where you actually enter your information so that the IRS can identify you.  They will require you to enter your SSN number, date of birth, Street Address, and Zip or Postal Code.


This “Get My Payment” web portal promises to deliver on the three things:

  1. A way to check your 2020 stimulus check payment status.
  2. A method to declare how you would like to get paid: direct deposit or check.
  3. A means for you to enter your bank account information for direct deposit.

Of course, while the direct deposit and stimulus web portal promises a lot, the official opening of the web portal was met with errors and long waits and many receiving a “Payment Status Not Available” message.

Let’s hope big improvements happen!

If you have any further questions about direct deposit of your stimulus check, simply ask me in the comments below.

Thanks and have a great day! ~Richard

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Richard CummingsWeb Portal for Direct Deposit of Second 2020 Stimulus Check [October Updates]

Comments 7

  1. Pat Krakos

    My husband and I receive social security checks via direct deposit and filed our taxes in late February. We provided account information in order to have the IRS take what we owed directly from our checking account. The money we owed was taken from our account in early March. When I checked the “get my payment” portal with the IRS, it said we were eligible, but there was no account information. I followed the instructions and provided account number and routing information on April 15. Since that time, when I access the portal, I get a message that says I am eligible for the stimulus, the proceeds will be deposited to the account of record and it shows the correct last four digits of our account. The status also states that as soon as a date for the deposit is known, it will be shown in the status message. However, that information is still not being shown.

    My question is, given that we are Social Security recipients, filed our tax return, but did not get a refund, when should we expect to receive our check.

  2. Charlotte Fincher

    Hi, I updated my bank info in the portal the IRS provides.
    I did not have bank account information when I filed. they said I qualified and now have my bank account info, but there is no timeline on when they will issue the deposit.
    They just say we will update this page with a date when we issue your deposit. I wonder if the IRS could update their website with this information as to how long after you enter your updated bank info, a check will be received? Thank you.

  3. Roger Hackler

    I receive va direct deposit I have not receive my payment for the stimulus does irs have my information

  4. R Mitchell

    The website has said from day one that the information provided does not math the records. I have chatted with someone on the IRS website that I shouldn’t worry it will be deposited because my 2019 tax return was deposited. That was a month ago! The website still says my info doesn’t match and now I hear they are sending out debit cards. Well I was told not to worry about the address since I have direct deposit. I MOVED! What do I do now?!?! I forwarded the mail but I feel like I am the only person I know that hasn’t received the stimulus check! What do I do? Who can I talk to?

  5. Myrna Bartolo

    My sister never received her stimulus check, she is on permanent disability since birth. she gets disability checks every month, I’m her payee and she has not got anything. is there a reason why she is not getting. (Marjorie – Name Removed)
    Thank You

    1. Richard

      Ronish, your direct deposit info will be on file with the IRS if you have set it up prior. If so, you will not receive a check because you’ll get a direct deposit…which will happen much quicker 🙂

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