Paul Ryan at the Republican Convention

Introducing Paul Ryan…

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Paul Ryan at the Republican Convention

Paul Ryan at the Republican Convention

For many, last night was their first glimpse of the possible future Vice-President of the United States, congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

If you wondered when the bashing of Obama was going to come, you need wait no longer.  Paul Ryan embraced every chance to denounce the last 4 years of the Obama administration.  In one of his memorable lines, Ryan states:

“The man assumed office almost four years ago — isn’t it about time he assumed responsibility?”

Certainly, the detractors are already saying that Paul Ryan’s speech contained many half-truths but there is no denying that he fired up the Republican crowd in Tampa Bay. And, with a reference to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, he may have just swayed some of the youth vote.

You can watch the full video of the Paul Ryan’s convention speech below and read an objective depiction of Paul Ryan on Wikipedia here.

Paul Ryan’s Full Speech at the Republican Convention: Video

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Richard CummingsIntroducing Paul Ryan…

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