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Charlie Sheen’s 20/20 Interview is the most complete interview that he has given in this whole saga. Here is a copy of of the full video from the Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview.

Video: Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview


Charlie Sheen interview on 20/20 March 1st 2010. This is part 1 of 6. Follow the links after the video next clips.

Reaction to the Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

I am not sure why I am so fascinated by this whole Charlie Sheen saga. However, given all the themes involved, my fascination is less of a mystery.

But my interest goes beyond the obvious and intriguing tales of debauchery.

I want to know if Charlie Sheen is a nut that is about to crack or a man finally speaking openly about a life that he has too long concealed–a man who has finally decided to live his way and proclaim without shame, “Yes, I have it all and it’s amazing!”

Let’s, for a moment, assume that Charlie Sheen is not an alcoholic or drug addict because this distorts his argument of a man who “has it all”. Instead, let’s just assume that Charlie Sheen is the highest paid television actor on the highest rated program on TV, without his dangerous proclivities.

Can you think of any else who is the best at their profession, the highest paid, who has recently fallen? Does Tiger Woods come to mind?

When the Tiger Woods saga evolved, there was a part of me that did not want the apologetic Tiger. Yes, he needed to apologize to his wife. As for the rest of it, a part of me wanted Tiger Woods to come out and say, “Yep, absolutely, I did all of which I am accused. I want to give my sincerest apologies and support to Elin. I clearly married too young and was not ready for the institution of marriage. Apart from that, I love my current life and hope that all others live a life that they enjoy.”

Why is it wrong for these guys to say, “Yep, I have it all and I love it.” (I actually think that, if Tiger Woods would have done that, he would have maintained most of the sponsorships he lost.)

Our society is quite hypocritical on many levels.

Let’s look at what these boys, the Charlie Sheen’s and Tiger Woods’ of the world, did that was so bad in the context of today’s society.

1. They cheated on their wives and ended up getting divorced.

Statistics On Divorce: 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.

But these guys cheated on their wives, you might say. Do you think that all of these marriages are ending because he or she makes a bad barbecue?

2. They had sex with adult entertainers.

Statistic: Clearly, the whole world is searching for what Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods are doing.

Because these guys are in a position to take advantage of it, rather than just search the Internet for it, wouldn’t that make them more normal (being with a real human being) as opposed to less normal…sitting in front of their keyboard with a towel in the hand?

So, in this Charlie Sheen 20/20 interview, a part of him is delivering an understandable message: I am a successful guy who likes to live unapologetically with my “godesses”. You certainly can’t fault him for that since you, you, and you have just checked out a Bree Olsen video on the Internet.

Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen’s message is being delivered by Charlie Sheen, who certainly seems in some sort of manic state right now.

I wonder, in one year, will we be reading Charlie Sheen’s obituary, his mia cupla, or his biography, Me and My Goddesses: The Diary of Truly Happy Man?

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Richard CummingsCharlie Sheen 20/20 Interview — Full Video

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