The Usefulness of Useless Information

useless-information-searchI was searching for information today and discovered that people prefer useless information to useful information.


Yes, that’s right.  There are more searches on the Internet everyday for the term “useless information” than for the term “useful information“.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this chart.


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Richard CummingsThe Usefulness of Useless Information

Library Books on the Kindle?

Kindle Library BooksAre you curious as to whether you can get library books on your Kindle? If so, you’ve come to the right place — we are going to show you how to check out library books using your Kindle right now.

I happen to be a big fan of my local library and the Kindle I hold in my hand everyday. Is it possible the two can act in a complimentary role? Do I not need to buy books on Amazon? Can I just rent books for my Kindle from the local library?

It turns out Gina from Montana had a similar question. She emailed me:

Question: Richard, I heard that you can check out Kindle Books from your local library. Is this true? If so, does it work well and how do I do it? Thanks in advance, Gina — Missoula, Mt

Library Books on Your Kindle: One of the Best Things About Your Kindle

Gina, terrific question and we are happy to answer this for you.

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Richard CummingsLibrary Books on the Kindle?

Uruguay (The Vices): Gambling, Prostitution, and Drugs

There are three things that are legal (well, one is semi-legal) in Uruguay that you may not be able to do at home:  Gambling, Prostitution, and Drugs.  With such vice-availability, I began to call Uruguay The Amsterdam of South America. 

Gambling in Uruguay

gamble in montevideo uruguayBack in the good ole’ USA, I have been to Las Vegas a time or two, or three, or more, but who’s counting.   And so, as I was reading up on Uruguay before I visited, I had read that casinos are legal in Uruguay. 

I’ll have to be mindful of this one, I thought.  I am going to South America to experience the culture, the people, the history…not another casino.  However, like any good investigative journalist, I had to take one for the team just to report back to you, the reader. 

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Richard CummingsUruguay (The Vices): Gambling, Prostitution, and Drugs
Kindle Fire Keyboard Disappears

Kindle Fire Keyboard Disappears After I Press One Key?

Kindle Fire Keyboard DisappearsWhen I am using my Amazon Kindle Fire, the keyboard disappears after I type just one key in Google.  I then have to go back and type another key to get the keyboard to stay there.  Why is this and is there a solution?

Fortunately, you can correct the disappearing keyboard problem on the Kindle Fire fairly easily with the quick workaround below.

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Richard CummingsKindle Fire Keyboard Disappears After I Press One Key?

Are IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free [and hypoallergenic]?

ikea-down-comforter-allergy-freeToday, we are going to be answering the question: “Are IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free?”

This is very important because we sleep for 1/3 of our lives and we need to know that our comforter will not cause us discomfort — that would be a somewhat ironic.

So I will put on my investigative hat and determine for you whether the IKEA alternate comforter is allergy free!

I love what I do because it is something new everyday and today I am given the opportunity to visit the IKEA store, which is the ultimate. One time, I furnished my whole apartment with quality IKEA stuff at bargain basement prices. So I look forward to this this assignment. Off we go…

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Richard CummingsAre IKEA’s Down Alternate Comforter Allergy Free [and hypoallergenic]?

Is “The” Capitalized In A Title?

capitalize-the-in-titlesShould the word “The” be capitalized in a title?

I recently received this email from a visitor: “My company has asked me to write several articles and many contain the word ‘the’ in the title. I haven’t studied grammar in years and I can’t remember whether the word The should be capitalized in the title or not. Help!” Thanks, Barb from Sherman Oaks.

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Richard CummingsIs “The” Capitalized In A Title?

Online Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love

online-datingOn a recent visit to San Francisco, I learned that a large number of guys do (as well as Tinder obviously) to get dates.

These are not guys you would consider pathetic or lame but guys who could get dates in the real world.  However, they get even more dates on and the rewards are rather…instantaneous.

On a Wednesday, my friends and I were setting up a round of golf.  We called Jim to be the fourth player.

“Jim, can you play on Friday?”, we asked.

“Nope,” he responded, “I’m going out with this girl from Match.”  Saturday?  “Got a lunch date from Match and then going out with another one Saturday night.”  Sunday?  “Going on a picnic with a girl from Match.”  After the picnic?  “Got a dinner date.”

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Richard CummingsOnline Dating: Get Lovin’ While Looking for Love

Hermosa Beach Party, 4th of July

HermosaBeachJuly4thPartyWhen it comes to July 4th celebrations, the place to be is Hermosa Beach, California.

My friends and I celebrated our independence last year on The Strand in Hermosa Beach.   The Strand is the sidewalk area just behind the beach but in front of the houses.  The Strand carries weight.  People use and abuse this term regularly, so much so that it’s often met with skepticism.Read More

Richard CummingsHermosa Beach Party, 4th of July

What Is The Best Match For Leo

best-match-for-a-leoIn this article, we discuss what is the best match for Leo.  Leo’s have some strong characteristics and attracting a Leo is no small feet.  Find out what is the best match for a Leo right now.

Ah, if you landed on this page wondering “what is the best match for a Leo?”, you are in luck my friends because I am a LEO.

I say that with pride and apparently that is one of the characteristics of a Leo.

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Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best Match For Leo
Countries With The Highest Quality of Life

Income Equality and Standard of Living | Does Income Equality Lead To A Higher Standard of Living?

income-inequality-standard-of-livingIn this article, we will take a look at countries with high income equality AND high income inequality and ask the question:  Between these two, which leads to a better standard of living for the whole?

I recently wrote an article about socialism in Sweden.  With Bernie Sanders threatening higher taxes if he wins the presidency, the arch-conservative Fox News threatened that we would become the next “socialist Sweden” if this were to happen.

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Richard CummingsIncome Equality and Standard of Living | Does Income Equality Lead To A Higher Standard of Living?