Is Amanda Knox Innocent?

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After watching Diane Sawyer’s interview with Amanda Knox last night, do you think Amanda Knox is innocent or guilty?  We are running a poll on our Facebook page so visit us and cast your vote!  My opinion is below:

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is amanda knox innocent

Amanda Knox Is Innocent

Personally, after watching the interview last night, I am appalled that Amanda Knox was even considered a suspect in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  The whole premise of her guilt seems to be two things:  (1) The way that she acted after Meredith’s death and (2) her confession, which, on the surface, is very incriminating.

These are the two main points.  Let’s get to the second one first–the self-incriminating confession.

Amanda Knox:  The Bogus Confession

As we saw in Diane Sawyer’s report, there are literally hundreds of cases where people falsely confess to a crime because of various police interrogation techniques.  I am usually highly skeptical of throwing out confessions.  However, the confession of Amanda Knox is very different because it takes place in a foreign country where she did not know the language too well…after being in Italy for only five weeks.

I, personally, have been in these situations twice.  Not murders obviously, but uncomfortable situations where people are screaming at you in a foreign language and you have no idea what their saying.  My situations took place at border crossings in South America where I had lost a stupid little piece of paper that I supposedly needed to keep with my passport at all times.  These people, with machine guns at their side, shouted at me aggressively and I had no idea what they were saying.  I was sweating bullets and have never been more nervous in my life.  Now, I can only imagine how Amanda felt when they are screaming at her because they think she murdered someone.  She would have done anything to make this stop.

Conclusion:  The confession is totally bogus.

Amanda Knox:  The Behavior After the Murder

On Diane Sawyer last night, they made such a fuss about “the kiss” and “the cartwheels”.  These are just ridiculous to me.  “The Kiss” was not a romantic one.  It was a consoling one that was three pecks.  Of course, shown over and over, it makes it seem like the whole evening’s activity.  And the cartwheels?  First, Amanda says that she just did the splits.  But, whatever it was, people deal with grief in many ways and one of those ways is stretching.  In fact, it’s recommended therapy for stressful situations.

Who Murdered Meredith Kercher?

After watching the show last night, I was unaware of the glaring evidence against Rudy Guede, the man from the Ivory Coast.  Clearly, he did it.  His blood and DNA is everywhere.  And the blood of Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, who was also convicted?  Nowhere to be found.

Amanda Knox:  Innocent or Guilty, Conclusion

I don’t know much about the justice system in Italy, but it doesn’t sound like a place where hard evidence is required.  The lawyer for the state seems like a great showmen who presented a non-existent sex ritual killing.  The Italians ate up this trumped-up, sordid, nonsense and Amanda was convicted with no physical evidence.

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Richard CummingsIs Amanda Knox Innocent?

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