Who is George Mitchell

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who is George Mitchell

A whole lot of people want to know, “Who is George Mitchell?” So, let’s bring you the story of George Mitchell from the unique perspective that you will only find at A Rich Idea.

It is refreshing on occasion when people search for things relevant to our society and the world at large. For example, while a large number of people want to know who is Chelsea Handler dating, it will not change the course of history. George Mitchell has the power to change history.

How can George Mitchell change history?

Well, since you asked, George Mitchell has been nominated by President Barack Obama to be the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. This nomination took place in January of 2009 and the goal of this position is to establish an abiding peace in the Middle East.

The fact that so many people want to know Who Is George Mitchell gives us pause. Are people that interested in the Middle East peace process? Or, does George Mitchell have some skeletons in his closet? We like to believe that people are overwhelmingly interested in the Mid-East peace process. It would give great hope for this world. However, since so many people search the Internet for things like “I’m Bored” or useless information, we need to find out if George Mitchell has any other skeletons.

Since George Mitchell was born in 1933, there is ample time for indiscretions, 76 years as of this writing. Did he pull a a Strom Thurmond and father a child with a maid? Something?

Apparently not. Aside from a few people criticizing his envoyhood in the Middle East, George Mitchell appears to be totally legitimate. He seems to have had no affairs, no secrets, and no lies. Is this possible? Has he no Mel Gibson episodes anywhere?

None that we could find. He’s too busy.

On top of being the envoy to the Middle East (and how many people can claim to be an “envoy”), you may want to know more about Mr. Mitchell because he wrote was is aptly titled The Mitchell Report.

The Mitchell Report

the Mitchell ReportIt seems as though whenever there is a problem, people turn to George Mitchell. Such was the case after the release of the Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports, about steroids use in baseball. Baseball commission Bud Selig said, and I quote not, “Oooh, people are starting to realize why we have so many home runs. Let’s get a guy who’s legit and blame everyone for making us so much money the past 10 years.”

Get that Mitchell guy…he’ll give this some credibility. The result, of course, was the famous Mitchell Report, a 406 page document outlining the blatant use of steroids in baseball AND naming 89 names of prominent players who use steroids. The names were meant to remain confidential but this is the time of the Internet and information everywhere. The confidentiality did not last long…just ask Roger Clemons, who currently would probably like to throw a fastball at George Mitchell’s head.

Is George Mitchell Still Alive

Funny, some people want to know if George Mitchell is still alive. I guess, when you are 76 years old, people begin to doubt your existence each day. It’s like the Abe Vigoda site, which simply reports on his “alive” status.

So, yes, George Mitchell is currently alive but he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Given his ability to achieve peaceful resolutions, one hopes hell conquer this battle as well.

Who is George Mitchell: Conclusion

To us, it’s extremely cool that people want to know Who is George Mitchell. It’s a genuine search with no alterior motives. George Mitchell has no skeletons in his closet–yet.

He is simply a man that has done much more than you. Seriously, check out his Wiki Page…it will make you feel like you have been seriously under performing your entire life.

He has been a judge, a Senator for the state of Maine, brokered an Irish peace, revealed steroid use in baseball, brokered Middle East peace…and the list just goes on and on. He’s like Harvey Keitel’s “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction. Got a problem? Send George Mitchell end to solve it.

No wonder he has no skeletons in his closet…he’s just been too busy!

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