Is WebSite 1 or 2 words?

Is Web Site 1 or 2 Words?

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Is Web site One or Two Words?I have been wondering whether the word “website” is one or two words. What do you think?

Answer:  Is Website One or Two Words?

You ask a great question about the word “website” and, of course, there is not one right answer.  It all depends where you look.

In the beginning, the word Web site was written like that, as two words with the “W” in Web capitalized.  This initial presentation of the word was based on the fact that the word came from World Wide Web.

However, as time went by, variations arose and continue today.

If we take a look at the Oxford Dictionaries definition and spelling of of website, they present the term both ways, as Web site or website.

So, the answer to your question is both and neither.

On the positive note, you simply cannot go wrong and either approach is defensible.  Unless, of course, you choose, “web site”.  Then, you have gone down your own path and risk the wrath of nerdy linguistic experts with glasses.

One approach that you may choose to take is the formal vs the informal.  When you are writing a formal document, use “Web site” and, informally, use “website”.

Bottom line with this word?  Choose a strategy and be consistent.

Hope this helps!



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Richard CummingsIs Web Site 1 or 2 Words?

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