Top 10 Reasons Why Jimmy Buffet Does Not Want To Be Warren Buffet

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 10, 2020

jimmy-waren-buffetAfter having just finished a book by Jimmy Buffet entitled A Salty Piece of Land, I got to thinking about who I would rather be:  Jimmy Buffet or Warren Buffet?

Considering my surroundings at the moment, a beautiful sunny beach on the coast of South America, the decision was really a “no-brainer”.

I then imagined Jimmy,  setting down his Margarita, pondering this question, and, with a sly smile (they are friends after all), penning his responses on a bar napkin…

10 Reasons Why I Would Rather Be Me Than Warren

  1. My cocaine days are behind me.
  2. My best friend is not Bill Gates.
  3. I look good when I wear a suit.  Wait, I’ve never worn a suit!
  4. I wrote a book called A Pirate Looks at 50.  He wrote a book called Lessons for Corporate America???.
  5. I can’t spend all the money that I have anyway.  Refer to #1.
  6. Where would you rather live:  Margaritaville or Omaha?
  7. My followers have a name.
  8. People don’t want me dead.
  9. All of these girls actually know me.
  10. I eat my Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Who would you rather be?  Comment below…

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Richard CummingsTop 10 Reasons Why Jimmy Buffet Does Not Want To Be Warren Buffet

Comments 1

  1. Brian (breal) Smith

    Yo Ricardo,

    this was hillarious… i started thinking, yeah but the Warren is filthy rich… but wait… just becuase he drinks margaritas, and wears the same shirt everyday doesnt mean he isnt rich… 🙂 my bad 🙂

    Once i read #5 i realized…. it wouldnt be so bad bieng Jimmy!!


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