Magical Thinking: Augusten Burrroughs

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Magical Thinking:  Augusten Burrroughs

The first Augusten Burroughs book that I read was Running With Scissors.  This was more of a novel and I enjoyed it.  However, after this book, all of his other books have been filled with short stories about his life.  I have enjoyed all of them but my favorite is Magical Thinking.

His life might not be like yours and mine unless your gay and live in New York, but most of the stories within this book are outright hilarious:  experiences with taking steroids, going on dates from the personals section, hiring a cleaner who robs you blind, not wanting to let people into your apartment because it’s a disaster.

Maybe I can relate well to many of these tales as I lived in downtown San Francisco for many years.  However, I tend to think that they’re universally enjoyable.

If you have a problem with gay people, you probably won’t enjoy this book.  If you’re such a homophobe, you might be a closeted gay.  Deal with that issue first.  Once you get over your bigotry, you too will also be able to enjoy this book.

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Richard CummingsMagical Thinking: Augusten Burrroughs

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