Teacher of the Year Sex Scandal

Teacher of the Year Sex Scandal!

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Teacher of the Year Sex Scandal

Erica DePalo, Teacher of the Year, Accused of Rape

A former “teacher of the year”, Erica DePalo, has been accused of having sex with one of her students.  DePalo, who won the New Jersey Teacher of the Year Award, is now faced with charges of first-degree aggravated assault. But, is this assault?

To any mothers out there, this story certainly is offensive.  “Someone has violated my little boy,” would certainly be their pervasive sentiment.  And, to make matters worse, this teacher is in a trusted position of authority.  She has abused this trust and physically assaulted a little boy.

For men, the first question that comes to mind is:  “Is she hot?”  So, let’s take a look at photos of the teacher, Erica DePalo, to determine just how abused the child was.

Photos of Erica DePalo:  The Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Her Student

Here are several photos of Erica DePalo, in good times, receiving her teacher of the year award, and bad times, posing for a mugshot.

Eric Depalo Teacher Of The Year

Eric Depalo Receiving Her Teacher of the Year Award

Erica DePalo Speaking

Erica DePalo Speaking

Erica DePalo Smiling

A Once Happy Erica DePalo Smiling

Erica DePalo Mugshot

Erica DePalo Mugshot

Is This Really Abuse By A Teacher?

Certainly, when an older male teacher has relations with a young female student, we consider this abuse.  However, men and women age differently.  While a 15 year old girl is light years away from her true peak, a 15 year old boy is in the midst of transformation.  If men peak at 18, a 15 year old is well within the sphere of his sexual peak.

So, when a female teacher has sex with a 15 year old male student, is it abuse?

I remember my high school days, when I was a boy of 15.  I had a few female teachers and I spent nearly the whole class fantasizing about them, even the not-so-attractive ones.

So, what if these teachers would have approached me?  Would I have accepted?  Are you kidding?

I remember the “teacher abuse” involving Debra Lafave, seen in the photos below:

Photos of Debra Lafave

Debra Lafave Posing

Debra Lafave Posing

Debra Lafave Bikini

Debra Lafave Bikini

Debra Lafave In Court

Debra Lafave In Court

So, this is abuse?  Or, are we confusing abuse with good fortune?  While married men certainly would not admit this to their spouses, they see photos of Debra Lafave and think “that lucky little…”.

Sadly, not all teens, or teachers for that matter, are created equal.

If I would have been blessed with Debra Lafave advances at 15, I would have kept silent, enjoyed every moment of it, walked about school with a knowing grin from ear-to-ear, and been imbued with a sexual confidence not found in many 15 year olds.  However, other students might have mistaken her advances for love and ended up confused and feeling, in the end, abused.

The teacher, as well, may take a relationship out of context.  While one may want a romp in the hay with 15 year old boy, the other may want a lasting relationship, and heaven forbid, get pregnant, like in the case of Mary Kay Letourneau.

I suppose this is why we have laws–to protect the minority sentiment.  However, one of my favorite philosophers when speaking of laws, says “for every foot a different shoe”, meaning that we should look at each case independently.

I think lawyers and judges should interview the students.  Perhaps, they should ask them:  “How do you feel about Debra Lafave?”

When they see the ear-to-ear grin, they have their answer:  case dismissed!


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