Trump: “Very Generous” Second Stimulus Check [Watch Video]

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: June 17, 2021

trump-very-generous-second-stimulus-postIn an interview yesterday, President Donald Trump said that there will be a very generous second stimulus check of 2020 forthcoming.

What we don’t know is this: was he telling the truth and when would a second stimulus happen?

There are several factors that may indicate he was not telling the complete truth.

(We now know the truth.  Yes, Donald Trump was, like always, exaggerating.  See below what the “very generous” check will be.)

Firstly, his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin continues to opine that a second stimulus should be more jobs-focused rather than a direct check to the American people.

Larry Kudlow, Trump’s Senior Economic Advisor, appears to agree with Steve Mnuchin in opposing sending out a second stimulus payment as large as the first.

And further disagreement with Donald Trump can be found in the Senate, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell being one of the strongest voices to oppose a second stimulus payment to Americans.

But there is one saving grace in all of this: Donald Trump believes that a second stimulus payment will help him get re-elected.

As Former National Security Advisor John Bolton recently claimed in his book, Donald Trump’s only focus is to get reelected.

This should give all Americans big hope that, in spite of the fact that many people in his administration resist the second stimulus payment, Donald Trump will want to push the second stimulus payment through to get reelected.

The only proposal for a second stimulus that is currently on the table is the Heroes Act — read a summary here, which Mitch McConnell and his Republicans in the Senate despise.

Thus, if Donald Trump is to move forward with the second stimulus payment, he’ll have to either push the Heroes Act through or motivate Mitch McConnell to create another proposal that can move quickly through the House and the Senate.

Take a look below at the video of Donald Trump promising a very generous second stimulus package.

Video: Donald Trump Promises Second Stimulus Payment


President Donald Trump discusses coronavirus testing and the next round of stimulus checks saying that the second rounds of stimulus check will be very generous.

Conclusion:  The “Very Generous” Stimulus Payment

The very generous payment is apparently going to the exact same as the first — $1,200.

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Richard CummingsTrump: “Very Generous” Second Stimulus Check [Watch Video]

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